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What to expect in my session
What to expect in my session

What to expect in my session

What you can expect during your first session with Rocky:

Safe, clean, professional environment, respectful, predictable experience

Relaxation – gentle compassionate pelvic nerve activation

Transcend from mind to spiritual body

Non-erotic body touch – transitions into mildly erotic

1st time – Less is more erotic touch

My presence – my goal is to read you – follow your energy

Feel your resistance energy, move it, respect it, see it, stay below your boundary threshold

Build sexual tension, anticipation – create desire to go to next level ONLY when your body tells me you’re ready

Then the touch you seek energetically bonded – connected – seen – heard – appreciated –  worshipped – honored – respected

In this state you are ready to receive pleasure

This happens very slowly (probably more slowly than you’ll be hoping for at this point) I hold back – giving a little less than your body is telling me.

Presence with your responses so they are very obvious and clear to me.

From this point on you may feel like I’m reading your mind about what to do or that I already intimately know your body.

Intimacy like this is very compelling. You’re in this amazing psycho-physical mode that you just crave to go deeper and deeper into.

This is where I am especially patient.

You’ll feel your pleasure climb and climb, slowly, powerfully, relentlessly.

All about you – I’m like a spectator – a facilitator

Guarding – honoring your vulnerability as you transcend through it to a level of intimate trust that will quite possibly be unfamiliar but so wondrous at the same time.

Expect to feel; tingling, flushing, and your mind spinning or surreal as your body surrenders to overwhelming contractions, throbbing, and pulsing that seems to exquisitely jolt between your genitals and your mind

Read some of the blog posts below to see how a client (who now writes content for this site) describes her experiences and fantasies about “What to expect in my session.”


Fantasies, Stories and Additional reading material relative to what to expect in my session

Professional Vagina Massage

Professional Vagina Massage

A woman's pussy is an amazing part of her anatomy. Unfortunately, we culturally take that perfect beautiful pussy and de-normalize and de-naturalize it. Your beautiful pussy is nothing less than the center of the creation of humanity itself. Maybe not single handedly, but we don’t exist unless enough pussies partake in the continuation of our species.



Typically when we proceed on your full body massage, I will begin with places on your body that you might have more casualness about like your back, your arms, your face, your hair etc. Then I move onto your legs, your feet, and your abdomen. This may take the better part of an hour, but it is time well spent because it does so much to relax your vigilance center and activate your pelvic nerve.



I offer at least 100 themed experience options with a list that you can look to for ideas. But ultimately every woman is different in needs, desires, and interests and it changes over time and circumstance. I create the space for you to invent your own session. I give you complete permission to ask for what you need and want. Nothing is too taboo for discussion

I Want Someone To Touch Me But I Am Nervous Seattle

I Want Someone To Touch Me But I Am Nervous Seattle

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Female Happy Ending Massage

female Happy ending massage

Female happy ending massages can be a difficult service to find, and you certainly don’t want to ask your regular licensed massage therapist. That could lead to an awkward moment. We usually think of men asking for this service, but it is becoming increasingly sought after by women, and increasingly accepted. Luckily we provide female happy ending massage.

Sensual Massage for Women

About us Rocky Peterson showme Sensual Massage for Women Male Touch Provider for Female Clients

Sensual Massage for Women It’s sad but men giving women massage is nothing that our culture promotes or teaches. Sensual massage for women is almost a dirty word in America. I admit, in my younger years, I was pretty oblivious myself.  I wanted to do something about that in my life, in my relationships, and started seeking information on what I could do to give my wife happy ending massage. I wanted to know, how do I ‘really’ physically connect with my partner. After years of research and lots of practice with male to female massage, several women told me that I should make a business out...

For More Adventurous Women

For More Adventurous Women

Want something a bit more Adventurous than therapeutic massage? For More Adventurous Women Looking for that special treatment that you just can’t seem to find at the chain massage boutiques? Maybe I can help. I specialize in strict adherence to your boundaries, being transparent and showing you every step towards obtaining your first or next Sensual  / Erotic / Yoni  Female body caress.I cater to women who seek a customized or unique experience. Unfortunately, advertising policies do not allow me to list all options. If you are seeking that erotic-massage experience that you don’t dare...

massage sex stories

massage sex stories

Massage Sex Stories This Blog is for those  seeking "massage sex stories" or something along those lines. This is by no means a comprehensive list. massage sex comes in hundreds , if not thousands of varieties. This is just a sampler. Tell us your fantasy! Let's talk about it and see if we can create an environment to play out your wildest massage fantasies. Check out our massage sex stories blog below

Sexual Containment

Sexual containment

Energetic containment is healthy, and an important aspect of being conscious of oneself and one’s impact on others. It’s also a concept that is newly evolving, that many people are not even aware of. It begins with the recognition that we as humans are communicating and interacting with each other energetically, and we truly feel both emotional energy and sexual energy that is directed our way. It is important to learn how to create these boundaries, and to learn how to clean up leaky sexual energy.

call girl near me

Call Girl Near Me Fantasy

I had an explosive orgasm, moaning loudly and my whole body quaking as he fingered me to the point of melting. It felt so naughty to feel like I was paid to play this way. I loved playing this role in the prostituting fantasy.

More Resources relative to What to expect in my session
More Resources relative to What to expect in my session

Sensual and Erotic Services for Women

g-spot massage
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