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Pussy fingering short erotic stories
Pussy fingering short erotic stories

Short Erotic Stories – Articles – Fantasies of interest to Women

We know how you love to read the juicy details, Start here for Short Erotic Stories, Articles and fantasies written by an actual customer. Some content is other clients experiences, paraphrased and expressed by our writer. We would love to publish your story, article, fantasy or experience with Rocky. Our goal is to have more authentic content to share about real, delicious, orgasmic experiences. Your journey begins here.

Is my pussy broken

Is my pussy broken

Imagine feeling relaxed around your sexuality. Relaxed and confident and alive. Imagine knowing exactly what you want and how to ask for it. Imagine being able to get it. Imagine feeling your deep sensual female sexuality. Imagine feeling powerful, and able to get exactly what you want all the time. This is the power of women’s sexuality. If we open it and heal it you’ll have that power. The power to move and change things in the world, or simply to be served and get what you want from the masculine. We can help with all forms of female sexual dysfunction with our non-healthcare, holistic approach.

Female anal Massage

Female Anal Massage

I had been curious about anal play for a long time, but the idea of exploring it was deeply uncomfortable for me. I could never bring myself to bring it up with my boyfriend, because I was so worried about what he would think about me. Would he think I was dirty? Would he think I was a freak? Would he be disgusted by that part of me? Was I disgusted by that part of me?

There were so many things that made me uncomfortable about the situation that I just consistently avoided it. Until I got several years into my relationship and realized that it would feel super awkward to admit I had been curious about this all this time, but too afraid, and too distrusting, to voice it.

Best Shes Ever had

Best Shes Ever had instructional xxx adult videos course

3 courses 3 ways to watch Choose your Favorite Option Your lifetime investment of $249 (one course)  or $449 for combo package means watch any time, forever, no additional charges after you purchase. Payment plans basically spread your one time...



Boundaries Articulation Practice Session

Over the years of practicing all the variations of erotic body touch for women that I practice, I have discovered 1 element that seems to be at the center of women’s ultimate satisfaction. This element takes on so many forms and idiosyncrasies that is has become an absolute primary ingredient in every session I engage in. In this short article, I’ll explain more so you can be prepared.


Breast Massage For Women

Of course Breast Massage For Women can be for purposes such as simply receiving pleasurable touch or being appreciated as a woman in spite of body issues and imperfections. Rocky is not here to judge or critique. There is plenty of that in the world already.

You can expect to be respected and revered during your session, regardless of your body type, shape, size, or any other considerations.

Clitoris massage

Clitoris massage

Where to Find a Clitoris Massage Near me You want a clitoris massage? I love your boldness already.  Everyday I work with women to encourage them to ask for what they want and need. Then here you are asking Google, and thereby the world, where...

Straight Male Escort For Seattle Women

straight male escort for Seattle women

Maybe you really want to have some company for dinner, drinks, a movie, or some other social activity. Someone to talk to and stimulate your mind and creativity. Maybe a movie on your couch as I rub your feet and stroke your legs or face or hair. Or maybe someone to cook dinner with and have some wine.

The possibilities are almost infinite. For whatever reason, finding me is a good option in your life. I’m not here to critique your relationship status. I’m here to fill in where you need me to. To be that surrogate guy in your life for a few hours. To help meet some needs of talk, touch, and intimacy.

Professional Cuddler Seattle

professional cuddler seattle

Multiple levels of Male for female cuddle session... So, cuddling can be a great place to begin your adventure, especially if you are nervous. It can also be a great activity for singles or touch deprived women. Schedule your cuddle session today.

Daddys Hands

Daddys Hands

I am often asked by younger women if it’s ‘okay’ to explore their daddy fantasy. I wonder who am I to second guess or judge your fantasy for daddy? All your life (ideally) daddy was there to protect you, to support you, teach you, and love you in so many ways. It stands to reason that young women love daddy. He is the pillar of the masculine for his little girl.

Will you shave my pussy?

Will you shave my pussy

I’m frequently asked, “should I wax or shave for my session?” My answer is that up to you. I don’t critique your personal private grooming. I can say, the sensations you feel may be more pleasant with minimal hair, especially in the vicinity of your clitoris.

After that conversation it is not uncommon for me to get the question; do you do waxing or shaving?

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