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G-spot Massage WA FL
G-spot Massage WA FL

G Spot Massage

Well! If you have found this page, my guess is you know what you want. G-spot massage is a group of sensitive areas on the front or roof of your vagina that we touch in hundreds of ways to add to your orgasmic pleasure. Hopefully you are past how to massage g spot and are now a bit more interested in maybe looking into a g spot orgasm massage or a tantric g spot massage.

If the latter is the case, bear in mind, I do more of a sensual g spot massage as opposed to the tantra variety. I find that all the telling you how to breathe and the spirituality, and chakras Seems to interfere with you being able to just relax and enjoy yourself.

G Spot Massage Room How to get an intense  female g-Spot Massage in Seattle WA area (Lynnwood) or Florida (outcall)

My name is Rocky and I have a Studio at Lynnwood WA, 20 minutes North of Seattle, Where I offer all kinds of erotic g spot massage for female customers. I also offer outcall g spot massage orgasm services to Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Woodinville, Bothell, Lynnwood, Everett, and most of king and Snohomish Counties.

Yoni Massage

Often when a women simply wants her female genitals massaged the safer search term might be yoni, which is essentially the Indian synonym for pussy. Unfortunately many of the providers that do yoni work, also subscribe to all the Hindu Rituals that come with it. I’m not saying that is a bad thing in any way. It’s all wonderful to experience at least once. But if you are seeking a more casual, relaxed western, approach, this is the place for that.

Simply Present and Authentic

Here you can choose an intense orgasm g spot massage or a soft slow gentle massage g spot orgasm. But this is only one of my many available services. I offer Breast massage, Clitoris massage, anal massage and one I think you will really liked that I call Therapeutic Vaginal Massage. I also work with and teach couples in many facets of sensuality. 

Female Ejaculation

Often the g spot is the source of what some call g spot massage squirt, or female ejaculation. This happens frequently with my regular customers that have come to learn how to allow it to happen. It can happen for you as well. Just bear in mind, not very many can learn it in one visit. It can take 5 – 10 visits or more to discover your abilities. But if you want to try, or think you are already close, maybe one intense g spot massage will push you over the edge?

Tight Pussy 

Women hold a great deal of tension in the huge bundle of muscles known as the pelvic floor. This muscle tightness has nothing to do with a male partners pleasure. My massage room g spot work is often done more as a muscle massage to release muscles than to achieve sexual release. It is true that sexual release here can release tension, but focusing on the vaginal muscles in a non erotic way can provide a much deeper and longer lasting result.

Experience and Training

Unfortunately there is no accredited, certified, higher learning establishment, college or course that trains people to administer professional g-spot massage. And there is no license one can get for it. But a  licensed massage therapist can certainly lose their license for attempting to do this kind of work. I have been privately doing this kind of work for about 15 years. Here is more about my story.

OutCall and Travel.

Women find this page from all over the world. If you are far from Washington state and wish for me to come to you, please contact me here. I also (sometimes) have a female companion that accompanies me for couples massage. I or we can come to your city whether I/we can drive there or fly there.

Want to see more?

I have a list of themes that is very popular and related to this subject in many ways. I also create how-to videos and post them online. They are graphic but most people will argue they are educational over pornographic. I take that as a huge compliment, but only you can judge that for yourself. You can watch some of my videos here.

Next step: Schedule your own private g-spot massage.

No one who actually schedules any service I provide is completely free from outright fear or at least nervousness. So I arrange every appointment around a completely safe and neutral environment. It can be in a local coffee shop or other public place. Or it can be in the office area of my studio. Either way, we always have a sit down meeting before every session, that provides you a 100% no questions asked opportunity to Opt Out. 

My work is about Respect.

The therapeutic attributes of what I do are derived from what I don’t do. I can’t list all the inappropriate things that men have done to you to disrespect you. It would take all day. My service is allowing you to feels safe in your vulnerability with a man. I know how huge this can be and I do not take this lightly. It is my highest priority that you NEVER FEEL; pushed, pressured, uncomfortable, or unsafe. That you always feel informed, in control and that nothing is happening that you did not specifically want to happen. 

As Much as I want to Show and Tell You Everything – Here… I CAN’T

Search Engines (and now the State of Washington Health Dept.) censor and restrict graphic adult content from being displayed when you search. Which is probably a good thing or most searches would be inundated with porn. So to get to what I believe you are looking for, we just have to go one step removed from this site, to other sites or pages (of mine) that are not censored by search engines or not listed in search engines at all.

Want to see what a Sensual Massage session might look like?

This video is an example of a session with Rocky. Recorded in June 2018.

And we now have a new version posted Jan. 2020 1st Session What to Expect Seattle 2020 (Note, the first four minutes and 15 seconds are the same as the video on this page, but with a different volunteer.) This one has an extra special surprise ending for her that you don’t want to miss!

Please note, This is only an example of one of at least 100 “themed” sensual or erotic massage possibilities. Your session could be tailored to be Much softer and slower, and or almost any degree of decreased or increased penetration, stimulation and intensity. Every session is customized to your specific boundaries, wishes, interests, fantasies, and desires.  

Local cities served

Everett, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Mill creek, Bothell, Snohomish, Kirkland, Woodinville, Kenmore, Mountlake Terrace, Edmonds, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Marysville

Not In Seattle or Orlando?

We have 2 options for you:

Have me travel to your state click here for more information.

Watch my how-to videos at home and practice with your partner.

3 courses

3 ways to watch

Choose your Favorite Option

Your lifetime investment of $249 (one course)  or $449 for combo package means watch any time, forever, no additional charges after you purchase. Payment plans basically spread your one time fee out over 12 months.

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