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female erotic massage
female erotic massage

I Searched for Female Erotic Massage Near Me, and Got to Fondle My Yoni Massage Therapist During a Yoni Massage

My body is such a fan of massage. There is nothing more satisfying to me than that kind of touch. When I receive a massage, my whole body becomes one giant pleasure receptor. Throughout my life, I have received a lot of massage. For many years, I had a favorite massage therapist, and it was a very important relationship for me. Things changed when I searched for female erotic massage.

Receiving that regular touch was something that sustained me, that helped my overall level of happiness and contentment in my body. I had a weekly massage habit for a long time, and it was such a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

I had a little secret. I was secretly fantasizing about fondling, and being fondled by, my traditional Licensed massage therapist the entire time I was on the table. Part of why I enjoyed massage so much was because of how juicy this fantasy made me between my legs. I never brought it up though, and I never tried to pursue this desire, because there is such a clear boundary in place around that kind of touch in the massage therapy industry.

I swear, I could almost have an orgasm from a normal LMP full body massage, so when I searched for female erotic massage and discovered the existence of yoni massage, I was beyond curious and fascinated. I had found the website of a local yoni happy ending massage practitioner, and there was a lot to look at on the site to learn more about the female erotic massage practice.

On the site were videos demonstrating what to expect. The yoni massage therapist spoke on some of the videos, sharing a lot of his motivation in providing this healing pleasure experience for women. He seemed to genuinely care about the feminine experience, and about providing care for women’s bodies. There were several women on the site sharing about positive experiences.

Then I discovered a list of possible experiences to choose from – sort of like a menu. On this list was a really wide range of experiences, from the simplest and seemingly innocent – like being able to cuddle with clothes on, and enjoy intimate, but non-erotic touch – to some more intensely erotic experiences to explore like anal touch or double penetration with toys.

One of the items on the list was “let me fondle your penis while you sensually  massage my pussy.” My eyes lit up when I saw this. That had always been my fantasy when I had been receiving massage from my  LMP massage therapist in the past. I just wanted to play with him, especially to see if he would get aroused with my touch, while he gave me a full body massage. I was absolutely titillated by the idea of receiving this massage and this penis play, and it all culminating in being stimulated to orgasm. My pussy ached when I thought of it.

I decided to follow my turn on and reach out to the female erotic massage therapist. I just had to know what it was like to have this experience. The fantasy of it was so stimulating I felt like my sex drive was intensified the moment I discovered it. I set up the appointment, and had a brief text conversation with the erotic massage therapist in which I described what I wanted to experience. He let me know that we would talk more at the beginning of my appointment.

Searching for Female Erotic Massage?

On the day of, when I arrived at his office, he asked me to sit down with him for a little bit to discuss my desires and my boundaries. He asked me if there was any particular kind of touch I liked or was desiring, what level of pressure I enjoyed, and if there were any areas of my body I didn’t want to be touched, or any ways I did not want to be touched.

He asked if it was okay with me if he became aroused while I was fondling him. I told him that, yes, I would enjoy that immensely. I also let him know that I was open to being touched anywhere on my body he thought would be pleasurable. He assured me that he would be paying attention to my body’s responses in case I did not find something pleasurable.

He invited me to remove my clothes and lie down on the massage table face down. The table was heated and very comfortable. I was very excited and turned on, being completely uncovered and exposed on a massage table for the first time.

Sensual Female Massage

At first, I just laid there while he slowly massaged the length of my back. He went deep into my muscles, then massaged my hips and the backs of my legs. My body began to relax on the table, my breathing deepened. He moved next to me and his touches became teasing – alongside my waist and the sides of my breasts, and down between my inner thighs. I reached out toward his crotch and stroked the outside of his pants. I felt his cock begin to stir, and it thrilled me.

He then pulled each of my legs open wider on the table. I felt the open air on my pussy and my ass and it excited me to feel so exposed. He dipped his fingers down between my legs and slowly dragged them along my clit and my labia and all the way up along the insides of my ass crack. My skin rippled with pin pricks of delicious sensation, and my pussy got juicier.

I asked him to open the fly of his pants so that I could get my hand gripped on his penis. While he was doing that, he asked me to turn my body over on the table, so that I was facing up. Before going back to my pussy, he moved up by my breasts and slowly and sensually massaged them. I pulled his cock out of his pants and felt him pulsing, hardening.

He tweaked my nipples softly, sending little electric shocks of pleasure through my body and down to my clit. Then he reached down and gently gripped my clit while tweaking my nipples. Feeling his cock harden in my hand while enjoying the amount of pleasure he was sending through my body was almost too much.

Once again, he pulled my legs apart on the table, widening my knees and opening my pussy to his view and his touch. His cock was rock hard at this point, and I was thoroughly enjoying stroking it with my hand. He moved his attention down to my pussy, continuing to gently grip and tweak my clit with one hand, and then lightly stroking and teasing around the opening of my vagina.

My body desperately wanted to be penetrated by his finger at this point. My hips bucked up off the table, toward his wandering finger, and my hand gripped his cock harder, stroking him faster, attempting to encourage him to stroke me faster.

He made me wait. He slowed down his touch on my clit and my vaginal opening, and showed me clearly he intended to draw out the pace of this experience for me. I laid back and allowed him to determine the pace, focused on the intense sensations I was feeling in my clit and around my labia.

Achingly slowly, he dipped his finger inside my hole, just the tip of it, feeling my insides just a little bit. My body longed for more penetration, and I waited for it with such anticipation. I was so enjoying holding his cock with one hand, and with my other, I softly played with my left nipple. Pleasure flowed through my body from head to foot.

He slowly dipped his finger inside my vagina, one millimeter at a time, tiny bit by tiny bit, while he squeezed and massaged my clit. My pussy was gushing wet, and my hips were moving along on his finger, massaging my own insides. Feeling his rock hard cock only made me wetter. I loved knowing that my pleasure and my touch were turning him on so much. I also loved that I could play with his cock all I wanted, and he wasn’t going to try to do anything with it other than let me play how I wanted. It was such a delicious feeling to know I had the space to just enjoy the contact I wanted to have.

As he dipped his finger further and deeper into my pussy, finding my g-spot and applying delicious pressure, I pushed my clit up into his fingers, now massaging me in earnest there. I pumped my hips and gripped his cock and felt myself surrendering to a powerful, full-body orgasm. I moaned and shuddered in my thighs as I came. It was one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had.

My female erotic massage ended up being a very satisfying new outlet for my body’s pleasure, relaxation and overall wellbeing. I now make an appointment on a regular basis and let my body receive all it has been craving. I highly recommend exploring it either with a partner or a professional. I’m so glad I found a place to receive an erotic massage near me!

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