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Where are the videos

Looking for videos that show real women experiencing real pleasure?

Aside from videos of women having orgasms, which tend to be the only pornography that actually centers on women’s pleasure, there really aren’t many videos out there to be found that show real feminine pleasure. It’s really quite rare to find good erotic videos for women.

There is this level on which most pornography just feels – wrong – though. It feels like a performance. It feels fake. It doesn’t really feel like it is focused on real women’s pleasure. In porn, women are usually treated as the vessel for pleasure. Women’s bodies are most often used as a vehicle for men to get off. The focus is rarely on a woman’s pleasure. Frankly, most of the feminine pleasure in these videos is performed. It’s not real.

This site is mainly focused on erotic massage for women, a practice that focuses on attuning to the tiny ways that a woman’s body responds to pleasure, and following her pleasure energy in her body to the point of climax.

Watching a woman respond to the amount of pleasure these women are experiencing is absolutely titillating. They are twitching, shuddering, writhing, moaning… and it is incredibly sexy to take in. Her pleasure is so obviously authentic, her body can’t help but respond to touch. This is an ultimate turn on.

When a woman is finally ready to have her orgasm, this is when these videos really get next level. There is nothing more erotic than watching a woman be taken over the edge. There are plenty of women who think they can fake it, but the body doesn’t lie. When the pleasure is real and taking over the body, the body gives little hints and clues that are undeniable. This is what is so sexy to watch.

There are videos that demonstrate a good number of things. There are videos that focus on a basic erotic massage for women. There are other videos that focus on other pleasure techniques, like breast massage or anal massage. There are videos that are specifically focused on g-spot stimulation or clit stimulation. What this series mostly promises, is that the pleasure demonstrated in each video is real, as are the orgasms.

Anonymous Testimonial:

Unbelievable Collection of Erotic Sex Videos

As a woman, it is hard for me to find erotic sex videos online that I actually enjoy. The majority of the erotic sex videos that exist on the internet are so unrealistic. Either a woman is faking her pleasure, so the whole thing seems completely inauthentic, or the whole video is focused on men’s pleasure, and the woman is obviously not enjoying herself much, which is not sexy to watch as a woman, at all.

What I love is when I can tell that a woman in erotic sex videos is having real, authentic pleasure that obviously radiates throughout her body. As a woman, I know how it feels in my body to be radiating with pleasure, and I can recognize all the little tells that show that a woman is actually energetically in her body and lost in her experience of pleasure. The way that her toes and fingers curl. The way that her body flushes with heat. The way she moans as she breathes. The way her hips rock and her body writhes. The way her eyes roll back in her head. The way her body shudders with little orgasmic spasms. The way her body generously creates fluid. All of this is what turns me on when I’m watching erotic sex videos.

Real pleasure is so much more stimulating than a performance. My body actually responds with a pleasure stimulus of its own when I watch a woman experiencing pleasure. Most people don’t realize this, but it is a feat for a woman to bring her energy and awareness all the way down into her body for a pleasure experience. A woman’s life is full of things that demand her attention and seek to draw on her energy. She takes care of everyone around her, so her awareness is rarely on herself and her own body. To actually move one’s awareness down into one’s body is something that most women need to learn, because it is so easy for us to fall into the roles we play in our lives, and forget to be present for our relationship with our own bodies. Real, authentic pleasure is medicine for a woman who struggles to relax and is constantly exhausting herself giving to others. Pleasure is a way for a woman to receive in a way that refuels her energy, which allows her to ultimately have more to give.

The fact that most of the erotic sex videos in existence ignore this fact severely bothers me. Our current sex industry is built upon the idea that women are expected to give and give and give. Women are expected to be sexy and attractive and solely exist for the gaze and the pleasure of men. The women in the videos are mostly paid for this service, which is what allows them to show up for it, but this trend creates an incredibly unrealistic expectation in the men that consume these videos. The belief it creates is that they can expect women to show up to sex at home the way that these women show up to sex on the set of erotic sex videos.

Women simply can’t do that. Not in reality. In reality, no one is paying them to show up and be sexy in the bedroom. A person can only show up to a situation in which she is expected to just be used so many times before all of that juicy sexy energy she had cultivated in herself runs dry. Her beautiful sexual energy is taken, but not reciprocated. This is how women become the stereotypical unhappy housewife. The wife who rarely puts out. The wife who lets herself go and begins to care less and less what she wears of how her hair looks. The wife who gets cranky and bitchy because she is consistently running on empty, with no one filling her body’s need to be nourished with pleasure. She even forgets to pleasure herself because her body’s need for pleasure nourishment is so deadened.

Men being programmed by the majority of these erotic sex videos to expect women to need little to no nourishment through pleasure is one of the major things in our current society that causes relationships to break down and fail. Neither men nor women are taught how to nourish a woman’s sexual energy. There is so little focus on the authentic pleasure of women in our existing erotic industry that pleasure often becomes a topic that completely falls out of many relationships. It’s a disturbingly widespread tragedy.

I wasn’t always aware of how deeply problematic the way women are portrayed in these videos is. I awakened to the issue after I left an unhappy marriage and saw my own state clearly for the first time in my life. I had run myself so dry trying to make my life and my marriage comfortable and to make it appear like it was all working – I had become completely disconnected from my own body and it had been years since I had experienced any sexual pleasure. My own sexual needs had become a completely abandoned, long ago forgotten afterthought. I was bitter and resentful and I felt like my husband had used me up until I had nothing left.

At that point, I had no idea that I could actually fill myself back up. I had no idea that I had actually been responsible for doing so throughout my entire marriage, and I had unfairly tried to put that entire burden on my husband. I had tried to demand that my husband fulfill my needs, and when he couldn’t do it, I had treated him like a massive disappointment, and further killed off whatever chance we had for sexual intimacy.

It wasn’t until I went through my own sexual healing that I began to have such a deep interest in and admiration for erotic sex videos that actually show women having real pleasure. Going through my own reawakening of my juicy sexual energy helped me understand just how powerful a woman’s sexual energy is. It is potent and palpable when a woman is in her body, allowing all of the pleasure energy to circulate and build in her body, radiating off of her and stoking the vibe of everyone around her. It’s incredibly sexy, and faking that is next to impossible, once you learn to recognize what it actually looks like.

I was excited to find an online course comprised of erotic sex videos focused on feminine pleasure. The course is called “The Best She Ever Had” and it has a wide variety of videos focused on a range of creative techniques for pleasuring women. Hand techniques, oral techniques, as well as penetration and intercourse videos. I purchased the erotic sex videos and watched through the whole series.

This course was a deeply satisfying watch. So many women receiving brilliant pleasure stimulation that is obviously so healing for them to experience. The way these women are able to completely let themselves go and surrender to receiving pleasure is highly erotic and inspiring to watch. I also found it very stimulating to watch as a male instructor narrated what he was doing to each woman’s body and why. He shared what he was watching for and feeling for in her body to know how she was responding to his various touches, and to determine which places she enjoyed the stimulation the most.

There is something that feeds a bit of a fantasy of mine, listening to a man who really understands talk about feminine pleasure. It is deeply comforting to know that there are men out there who have dedicated themselves to understanding and fueling feminine pleasure. There is such a beautiful honoring involved in the prioritization of feminine pleasure. This energy coming from a man is something that allows women to feel deeply seen and cared for.

It was eye opening to me that one of the most pleasurable things for women is when a man is completely present with what is happening with her body, because that kind of presence brings with it a safety that allows her to fully relax and receive the pleasure in her body. It was really juicy to discover a series that had further things to teach me about feminine pleasure. I’m thankful there are men who have dedicated themselves to bringing awareness to this cause.

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