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Can you teach my wife or girlfriend?
Can you teach my wife or girlfriend?

Can you teach my wife or girlfriend?

Guys, for a long time, I have felt like the luckiest man in the world sexually. I create videos where I teach women 100’s of different ways to please a man sexually.

In the early 2000’s I created a video series called “101 Ways To Drive Your Man Crazy With Your Hands.” I had to do hundreds of videos to perfect the techniques I was teaching women.  It was hard work, haha 😉. But what it really was. I have to say was “indescribable.”

Imagine you are going to lie on your back on a massage table or bed. You are going to relinquish all control of what is going to happen for the next 30 to 60 minutes. That means you are not going to ask for anything, you are not going to ‘do’ anything, heck I don’t even want you to say anything. Just lie there and experience a series of sensations that I ‘program’ your partner to do to you. Things I’ve tested and tweaked to provide a thoughtful, deliberate sexual experience like NO OTHER!

You know that sensation when your partner is soaking wet and you slowly slide your penis into her for the first time? How would you like to experience that sensation for 30 -60 minutes?

Could you take it? Can you last through that? Yep! I am going to teach her how to control your pleasure so that it feels incredible but just short of making you ejaculate until she decides  to let you. Giving her this control is mind blowing. I’ve experienced it over 1000 times and it never gets old. (I even like it better than oral sex because I have taught the women to make it feel like oral sex but with lots more fun things that fingers can to that mouths can’t.)

Women like it too!

For us guys, it gets better. Your partner doesn’t always want intercourse, and many aren’t huge fans of giving oral. But she likely does want more sexual activity with you.  She just wants more diversity, more options, more creativity. This gives her a whole new list of tools in her tool box to please you in a way that’s not only fun for her but quite easy as well.

What makes that so good for us guys is it often means more orgasms for us because she wants to play more often. Us guys are deprived. Well lots of us are so more is better, right?

Are you married  to just the kind of orgasm you get from oral sex or intercourse or could you be down for some handiwork that can rock your world?

What its Not

I can tell you when I simply  let a woman use her hands on me without these instructions, 95% of the time, it is lousy at best. Women fall prey to cultural beliefs and examples from porn just like we do. It’s common for them to squeeze and yank and fumble just as much as they think we do with them. If you have ever let a woman ‘handle’ your genitals to discover near terror, I can assure you, this is not it!

What it is

I’ll tell you up front, if you want something hard and fast and furious, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Any woman can do that for you. Like I said, that comes natural to 95% of the women I have experienced. I show women how to softly tease you, control you, build anticipation and excitement, to get you on the brink of ejaculation, and sometimes to hold you there just so you can experience this high quality sensation for the longest period of time.

Sure, I could show her how to just get you off. But is that all you really want? I hope not. Experiencing  this orgasmic plateau is pure heaven. Your mind will be spinning, your body may shake or tremble. Your partner will love controlling this and making it happen for you.

Here is what I’m going to show her how to do to you.

Deprivation – I teach her just how little it takes to have you raging hard, throbbing, pulsing and on the brink of ejaculation for what will seem like f o r e v e r. At the end, you may very possibly cum harder than you ever had before. This is my favorite. Some call it edging.

Movement – Here we  show her how far she can move your hard penis around and make the movement feel AMAZING! I especially like to cum while she is flinging my penis up and down.

Better than a blow-job  – Like I said, I like what women can do with their hands more now than oral and this technique set that preference into motion when this lady did this one surprisingly simple thing to my penis that made her hand feel better than any mouth I have ever felt.

Contrast – We have her do one session on you where we take some movement, some deprivation, some better than a blowjob, and a few other techniques into a smorgasbord of sensation for you. This is kind of like the crazy roller coaster ride that has every twist, turn, splash, fall and light show you can imagine. Hang on!

Ejaculation on command – Its really no secret. If I can teach your partner to control you, to interrupt your ejaculation until she is ready for it to happen, ejaculation on command is easy. But here is the spoiler for you. I am going to show her how to keep you on the brink of ejaculating for the longest time ever. This is an out of body kind of experience. You’ll be good for days after this.

All ejaculation moves – OK WOW, just WOW. You won’t make it to the end of this video. I show her some of the most amazing ways to cause ejaculation, one after another after another. My guess is that when she is twisting your penis is opposing directions with two well lubricated hands, it’s cleanup time. It always works for me, without fail. Enjoy!

Women have told me that after I teach them my techniques and they then feel their mans penis contracting in her hands that, that sensation goes up her arms, down her body until she feels a contraction in her pussy. This gets her hot for your penis in all kinds of new ways.

Women often feel as though they don’t get  to practice or play with us enough. They thrive in their sexuality when they get opportunities to explore, experiment and please us. Especially when they get to be in complete control for a spell.

Let me help you “Teach my wife or Girlfriend!”

Check out my course for you with your partner. You’ll love the result!

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