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I dont see what I want
I dont see what I want

I don’t see what I want

In building this website, I found over 20,000 keywords that people use to find content similar to what I offer. There were probably 500,000 keywords that I overlooked or ignored as porny, inappropriate, or too male centric. What I am saying here is it seems like there is almost an infinite number of specific interests that people have in seeking out their most desirable sexual activities. Don’t despair! What I offer here is really just a tiny fraction of possibilities. What I hope you get from this page is that much more is possible. You’re thinking I don’t see what I want because I just cant post content for every specific interest.

Hopefully you look at all the links on all the pages, the articles, stories and fantasies, and can surmise, that maybe I could fulfil some fantasy or interest you have. For example here is one I received a couple years ago for something that was nowhere to be found on my site.


Nervous to try this, what I need is to be fisted, bizarre insertion. Love being stretched out. Would love to try inflatable dildo. I love the idea of it paired with an oiled up massage. I’ve read through your page a bunch just I guess I’m looking for reassurance?

I get requests like this quite regularly. There are lots of things you have heard about or tried and want to experience that might not be represented here. I’m working on adding new content all the time, but it is time consuming. So in the interim, please feel free to read between the lines about what I do and simply ask me if I can accommodate your particular interests. There is a pretty good possibility that I can. I actually enjoy your creativity and uniqueness. It gives me ideas for new things to teach in my videos, and I always have clients that want me to try all the naughty new things I learn on them.

Female to female?

Ladies, I am working hard on having a female provider for you as well. Currently I don’t receive enough requests to keep a provider busy. But I am getting more clients that want a girl girl experience or a girl girl boy experience. So let me know what you’re seeking so I can see who is available for you


I have to admit, this one is a little trickier. I am very Heterosexual. My preference is female. So I will say, if you have a penis, I am not able to help you until I have a provider that prefers or is interested in working on penis’. But that does not exclude those who (still) have vaginas. I understand the process can be challenging and can inspire a libido that an be very demanding. I have worked with several people that were transitioning. I am open minded and probably very helpful but I don’t consider myself an expert in this subject. (Even though I may be much more than I think.)

So use the link below to message me with your request. I don’t have any rules. Nothing is too taboo or off limits for conversation with me. I am also open to requests from partners (Her consent to proceed is required.) So guys, you can ask too.

Ask Rocky A Question
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