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do you Take my clothes off in my female sensual massage session

Will you remove my clothing?

If you clicked on the button for clothing removal, I’m going to presume that is something that interests you. If its not something that you want to happen, don’t worry, I only do this for women that want me to do it. If you don’t want me to remove your clothes, just let me know when you are ready to proceed with your session that you will be removing your own clothes. In fact the default is that you will remove your own clothes unless you ask me to remove them for you in our consulting session prior to your practice session.

Now-then, for those of you that are curious about what it might be like to have me disrobe you. This is where the tease begins. This isn’t about me simply taking off your clothes. This is about you getting to experience a unique sensual experience. Women come to my studio to obtain various erotic or sensual experiences that ignite their libidos’ and stoke their arousal.

You’ll be standing next to the massage table. You might need it to maintain your balance. Feel free to close your eyes. I’ll be behind you running my hands over your clothing. Grasping your hips, pulling your body close to mine. Reaching over your shoulder, reaching down into the neck of your top. caressing your chest between your breasts. My chin touching your shoulder. I touch and tease all over. Slowly unbuttoning your top or ever so slowly pulling it up over your head.

If you have on a skirt or dress, I kneel behind you, running my hands up the outsides of your legs, all the way up to your waist. I reach up into your clothing, feeling your skin wherever i can get my hands. I reach around the fronts of your thighs and slowly caress the fronts of your legs down to your feet, then back up, this time the insides of your thighs. Maybe I slowly pull your panties down from under your outfit.

I may lie down with my face at your feet and slide my hands up and down your legs, coming just short of your pussy.  I turn you around, after returning to my kneeling position in front of you and slowly begin to remove the rest of your clothing. When I finally get you naked, I will have you lie down on the table (or bed) to continue your practice session as per your objectives.

I will admit, I do enjoy teasing you this way, so if it intrigues you, please feel free to ask for this activity. There can be other optional ways we can expand on this activity so if its something you enjoy and want to experience other ways to play with clothing removal, please ask!

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