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Daddys Hands
Daddys Hands

Daddy’s hands

I am often asked by younger women if it’s ‘okay’ to explore their daddy’s hands fantasy. I wonder who am I to second guess or judge your fantasy for daddy? All your life (ideally) daddy was there to protect you, to support you, teach you, and love you in so many ways. It stands to reason that young women love daddy. He is the pillar of the masculine for his little girl. Your sexual opposite of mommy.

There is a unique and understandable attraction that grows out of this relationship for young women. It’s primal. Your hormones have made you into a woman. This unconsciously drives you to begin the process of looking for mate material. Few men in your age bracket will stack up or measure up to daddy for a while yet. And still your hormones rage.

Daddy looks at you. He sees what attracted him to your mother, and then some. It’s hard for him to not admire your beauty and even worship you. You feel that sexual tension that your mother felt. Now your body craves what she craved. There is often more.

Besides daddy, you can’t help but notice the lust in other men’s eyes, especially the ones your dad’s age, or thereabouts. It’s primitive. It’s hot. You want something but you might not even be sure what. You tease. You flirt. You play the game. Now you want more. is it now daddy’s hands on you?

I get it. Now you want Daddy’s hands on you

You have become a woman and now you have a libido. Your idea of masculine just isn’t that young man with the game console in his hands. Your idea of masculine is that man with your breasts in his hands. That man that allows his libido to imagine his hands in your pants. That man that wouldn’t hesitate to hastily remove both your clothes and introduce you to his penis.

I am keenly aware of the naughty things that you are craving. I was shocked to hear the fantasies of women your age. I had no idea I was once so naïve. But now that your older sisters have enlightened me, I am fascinated by your boldness. I love to hear what you want from daddy.

I love that you love to show off. I love that you want to tease and discover your power over men. I love that you are ready for daddy to exercise his authority and control over you.

Yes, you still have to keep your exploits secret from mommy. You can’t imagine your mommy ever being as naughty as you want to be. I can’t tell you how often women your age crave it to be okay to just be downright slutty.

Is that okay with me. Honestly? The sluttier the better. What can I say. I’m just a male slut myself (albeit safely). But I’ll go a bit further with my disclosure. My list of fantasies and possible activities is not exclusive to being daddy. In fact like I said, I was pretty much oblivious to the idea that young women might be attracted to an old guy like me until I started getting requests.

So as much as I love your fantasy, it is certainly not my only form of play. I will say though that I am never ceased to be amazed by the delicious new things, young open minded women teach me.

So although I hope your panties are getting a little damp right now pondering the possibilities, that is not really my intention on this page. This is simply an introduction. Me letting you know that there is an older man, that might fit your criteria for some safe, fun naughty activities.

What might that be? Ah well, that depends on you. Are you an exhibitionist? A dirty slut? Do you need a spanking over daddy’s knee while he fingers you from behind? Want something in that ass? Or do you just want to play with daddy’s cock and get cum all over the place?

Every dirty little girl has her own brand of fucking with daddy. What’s yours? Tell me right now. Use the form and send me your naughty fantasies. Be bold. Don’t hold anything back. I already know how dirty you are. You can’t hide it from me. At least not for long. And you really don’t want to any way do you?

You can send attachments too. You have my permission (unless you are under 18 years old). I want to hear everything you’re thinking. I want to see everything you want me to see.

You want something back from me? Just ask. I prefer text / sext messages so just ask.



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Daddy Fantasies

Daddy Fantasies

It is something special to be able to trust someone in a more “professional” setting to hold this fantasy experience in safety. It allowed me to really let go and experience what I desired to fully of my naughty daddy fantasy.

daddy daughter fantasy

daddy daughter fantasy

I shared all of this history with him in an in depth conversation about my fantasy, and I will write a separate piece about what the experience was like of actually playing out my fantasy, and getting to express what had been trapped inside me. Ultimately, I am so glad I asked him to help me play out my daddy daughter fantasy.

What are themes?

What Are Themes

Massage Themes. Themes are sessions that revolve around a more detailed interest than simply a generic term like “sensual massage.” Between what you are seeking, and what I have identified and interests that many women find fun, interesting or exciting, there are dozens of variations and an infinite number of combinations of possibilities of what can be done.

Straight Male Escort For Seattle Women

straight male escort for Seattle women

Maybe you really want to have some company for dinner, drinks, a movie, or some other social activity. Someone to talk to and stimulate your mind and creativity. Maybe a movie on your couch as I rub your feet and stroke your legs or face or hair. Or maybe someone to cook dinner with and have some wine.

The possibilities are almost infinite. For whatever reason, finding me is a good option in your life. I’m not here to critique your relationship status. I’m here to fill in where you need me to. To be that surrogate guy in your life for a few hours. To help meet some needs of talk, touch, and intimacy.

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