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What Are Themes?

Massage Themes. Themes are sessions that revolve around a more detailed interest than simply a generic term like “sensual massage.” Between what you are seeking, and what I have identified and interests that many women find fun, interesting or exciting, there are dozens of variations and an infinite number of combinations of possibilities of what can be done.

Much of my work has some roots in being bored and unfulfilled in sexual intimacy in my relationships as well as customers and other collaborators.

These are Theme Ideas. Not Necessarily possibilities of what might happen. I’m looking for what is intriguing to you. Some of these I have done, do continue to do and have videos to watch. 


Read from your perspective     Presume the person doing these things to you is not unattractive to you.


Massage me while I still have My dress on

Tease my pussy with my panties on

Tease me with my panties off

Get me wet without touching my pussy

Tease around my panties but don’t touch my pussy

Give me a traditional massage where you almost touch my pussy

Give me a traditional massage where you lightly touch my pussy

Give me a traditional massage and then massage my labia

Give me a traditional massage and include my breasts but not my pussy

Give me a traditional massage and then massage my labia and Clit

Give me a traditional massage and include my Anus

Nipple massage

Vaginal wall massage

Vibrate My pussy

Lie on top of my naked body with your clothes On

Lie on top of my naked body with no clothes on

Hugs and conversation

Cuddling with clothing on

Cuddling with me naked or you naked

Cuddling both naked

Undress me (You). You stand there while I slowly remove every article of clothing in the most painfully slow rendition of your clothing being Removed you have ever experienced.

Explore my G spot

Teach me to squirt

Teach me to have an orgasm in my vagina

Give me my 1st ever orgasm

Teach me to enjoy anal sex

Teach me to enjoy a cock in my pussy

Teach me to not be afraid of sex

Teach me to enjoy sex with men

Teach me to love my own pussy

Teach me to pleasure my girlfriend or wife

Vibrate my pussy through my pants

Vibrate my pussy remotely with your cellphone

Massage me while I’m fully clothed. And slide your hand down into my top and pants and panties

Doctor in appropriate. You come in at lie on my table as I examine you, check your vital signs, examine your breasts, check your reflexes, examine your pussy. Maybe you need a rectal exam too I don’t know you’ll have to tell me what you need looked at

Labia massage

Take off my panties and push them into me

Slowly explore my clit

Uterus massage

Cervix massage

Introitus massage

Jack my clit off like a cock

Beat the brakes off my pussy

Let me hold your cock while you play with my pussy

I want you to be naked while you massage me

Massage me while my husband watches

Massage me while my girlfriend watches

Massage me and let strangers watch

Massage me and let everyone on the Internet watch

Masturbate with me

Masturbate with me with a double headed dildos between us

Teach me to give a man the best hand job ever

Let me play with your anus while I jerk you off

Let me touch your cock while you massage me

Pump up dildo in my pussy

Teach me orgasmic meditation

Do orgasmic meditation with me

Fill up my ass and pussy

Put suction cups on my nipples and Clit

Explore some of the limits of my pussy

Open my pussy really wide and then play within

Glass dildos in my pussy and or anus

Unusual objects

Come on me while you massage me

Experiment on me (you), you’ll be my experiment subject you’ll lay on my table and I will do my experiments on your body. As always we discuss your boundaries 1st. This typically includes me experimenting on what causes you pleasure. But maybe you have ideas for me. What kind of experiments would you like me to perform on you?

Anal massage, you’re lying on your stomach I so slowly massage around your anus. I gently squeeze the tissue of your anus. My finger probes ever so slowly a little deeper and a little deeper massaging all the way around the inside of your anus. If you’ve ever been hurt here before or if you’ve ever had fear it will be gone in this massage. I go so slowly and so carefully that I only know how to make it feel good. And while my finger is in your anus I may be touching your pussy as well…

Give me a traditional massage and take off my bra and panties but don’t touch my pussy

Blindfold me

Tie me up

Do anything you want to me us me

Teach me how to give the best blow jobs ever

Finger me while your girlfriend plays with my tits

Masturbate with me over the Internet

Talk dirty to me

Sext with me

Teach me how to sext

Teach me how to cam on the Internet

Teach me how to drive men crazy sexually

Teach me how to be amazing with a man

Teach me how to be Amazing in bed with women

Make me have an orgasm standing up

Make me have an orgasm upside down

Do things to my pussy with my legs spread really wide

Tie my pussy up with Rope

Use a small But plug on me

Use a medium but plug on me

Use a large butt plug on me

Let me experiment on your cock

Let me experiment on your cock and anal

Rub your cock on my face, breast, hands, feet, legs, thighs, back, but, pubic mound, ass

Pillage me

Torture me

Bend me over your knee and spank me daddy then finger my pussy

Ass up. I have you over a really tall bolster with your hips way high in the air and your ass sticking way up kind of like you’re bent over, very vulnerable as I give you a massage up your legs and up your back. Everything I do to you here I do from behind. Variations of this may include 1, 2, 3 or more fingers in your pussy, a large object or a vibrator, something in your anus , being tied down, being blindfolded. 

Hot sex massage (you can tell me what that means to you.)

Video tape my session

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