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Professional Vagina Massage
Professional Vagina Massage

Professional Vagina Massage / Professional Pussy Massage Seattle M4W M4F

A woman’s pussy is an amazing part of her anatomy. Unfortunately, we culturally take that perfect beautiful pussy and de-normalize and de-naturalize it. Your beautiful pussy is nothing less than the center of the creation of humanity itself. Maybe not single handedly, but we don’t exist unless enough pussies partake in the continuation of our species.

How to make your pussy wet

Your sensitive pussy has become jaded and ridiculed by the fear and jealousy of her power. Your throbbing vagina, your pulsating clit, and your female orgasm itself, threatens the foundation of the worldwide patriarchal power of the masculine elite. Getting you reacquainted with your natural function threatens to cause men to have to listen and be more engaged. But don’t worry about that, we have a course to help him be the best you’ve ever had!

Pussy – Vagina

Your aroused pussy is your matriarchal power. Pussy, vulva, vagina, g-spot, pubic hair, or hairless vulva, it matters not the décor or an articulated part name or location. This place is your core. I support the re-naturalizing and the re-normalizing the parts of the female that so many women unconsciously repudiate. Take back your sex life, your pretty pussy, clitoris and the rapture of your vagina muscles contracting and relaxing with a nice pussy massage orgasm.

Also called Yoni pussy massage, sensual pussy massage, or erotic pussy massage.

I worship the goddess mother. You. Yes I am a man. You may wish for your tingling pussy to be massaged by a woman. I understand that and I endeavor to make that possible whenever it is specifically requested. You will be hard pressed to find a woman masseuse that is as entranced with the awe of your swollen vulva. When I embark on your clitoral stimulation, I am a foreigner to this erectile tissue.

Pussy Exam

As a foreigner, I explore the vaginal opening as if it was a new land. I discover every millimeter of the vagina wall. If you wish this can be via speculum exam. Following your breast exam. 😉 We also have vaginal vibrators that we can enlist for those that appreciate such erogenous spot stimulation.

Hot Pussy Massage Ejaculation

It is not uncommon for my specially branded form of pussy fingering massage to answer the question: how do I squirt or ejaculate from my pussy? Professional naked pussy massage can include dildo in vagina, cervix stimulation, vibrating vagina and of course your clitoris, in ways that are so deliciously intense, that your tight pussy massage is of the ejaculating variety. This may be completely out of your control. And I know that is exactly how you want it.

Your Hot pussy Massage Should Include Mystery, Surprise and Sexual Tension.

But it should not include any kind of fear, apprehension or worry. We simply focus on how to make your soft pussy massage mind blowing. Please don’t concern yourself with whether you have a shaved or unshaved pussy. We do Hairy pussy massage and shaved pussy massage pretty much the same way.  Or if you have a normal looking pussy or not. I always begin with full body work before any tits and pussy massage can begin.

Is this Tantra?

I do not consider what I do tantric yoni massage. This is more of a western pussy massage xxx orgasm experience than a spiritual experience. Tantra has much too much, that has nothing to do with man massaging pussy and genital tissue and more about breathing and chakras. Although I think female tantric massage is probably something you should experience, this is not that.

Bring Your Toy

Often I am asked to integrate your favorite dildo, vibrator or sex toy into your session. Yes! Absolutely. I know how so many guys are intimidated by your toys. I am not! Besides my index finger, they are my best friends, and I am quite familiar with their use and value.

Touch my Pussy Therapy

This is your opportunity to schedule your breast and sexy pussy massage, or if you like a lovely fingering pussy only massage. Please use the button below to book /  schedule pussy massage session.

Professional Pussy Massage Videos

I create pussy massage porn, although I don’t like to call it that. Anyway, for those that search that term I have, wet pussy massage videos including mature pussy massage, pussy massage sex, pussy massage squirting, and sex massage pussy.

Know Exactly What Will Happen (and what Will Not) in Advance

I specialize in strict adherence to your boundaries, being transparent and showing you every step of what will happen towards obtaining your first or next female genital massage. (also see my article on g spot massage) Please use a button below to schedule your session. Everything I do is about you and your needs. I do not impose my needs on you in any way ever. That said, I also understand the dynamic interests between your needs and my body.  I always remain completely clothed and professional by default. This is to respect and honor women who just want their vagina massaged and absolutely nothing more.

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Professional Vagina Massage also available for Outcall

Coming soon: Pussy Massage Porn pussy massage porn videos

As Much as I want to Show and Tell You Everything – Here… I CAN’T

Search Engines (and now the State of Washington Health Dept.) censor and restrict graphic adult content from being displayed when you search. Which is probably a good thing or most searches would be inundated with porn. So to get to what I believe you are looking for, we just have to go one step removed from this site, to other sites or pages (of mine) that are not censored by search engines or not listed in search engines at all.

Want to see what a Sensual Massage session might look like?

This video is an example of a session with Rocky. Recorded in June 2018.

And we now have a new version posted Jan. 2020 1st Session What to Expect Seattle 2020 (Note, the first four minutes and 15 seconds are the same as the video on this page, but with a different volunteer.) This one has an extra special surprise ending for her that you don’t want to miss!

Please note, This is only an example of one of at least 100 “themed” sensual or erotic massage possibilities. Your session could be tailored to be Much softer and slower, and or almost any degree of decreased or increased penetration, stimulation and intensity. Every session is customized to your specific boundaries, wishes, interests, fantasies, and desires.  

Local cities served

Everett, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Mill creek, Bothell, Snohomish, Kirkland, Woodinville, Kenmore, Mountlake Terrace, Edmonds, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Marysville

Not In Seattle or Orlando?

We have 2 options for you:

Have me travel to your state click here for more information.

Watch my how-to videos at home and practice with your partner.

3 courses

3 ways to watch

Choose your Favorite Option

Your lifetime investment of $249 (one course)  or $449 for combo package means watch any time, forever, no additional charges after you purchase. Payment plans basically spread your one time fee out over 12 months.

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