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What is outcall

What is Outcall?

When it comes to services involving touch or other personal and erotic services there are options as to where your session can transpire. Most of the time, the client comes to the provider. When you come to my studio, that is called in-call. You are coming in, I meet you at my studio. When it is not convenient, comfortable or desirable for you to come to me, you can have me come to you. That is called out-call.

There are some nice benefits for outcall. Women tell me they are more relaxed and comfortable in an environment they own or control. There may be more room and more comfort for services like cuddling, pillow talk, body to body contact, or that other naughty thing you were thinking about. 😉 Maybe you don’t have the time to drive to me and you would rather pay me to drive to you. I’m fine with that!

If you are at a hotel, it can be better to use the bed as opposed to a table as hotels frown on seeing massage tables coming into their building. But if a table makes you feel more comfortable, let me know and I will happily bring it.

It isn’t very practical for me to bring everything I may need so you may like to arrange for your favorite music at your end. On the flip side, please feel free to bring out any toys you would like to integrate into your session.

Outcall can be both exciting and intimidating. I am always happy to meet you in a lobby, lounge, local coffee shop or other public place so you can check me out before you invite me into your private space.

Now Serving Cocoa, Rocklege, Orlando, Miami and all of Florida – Outcall – Only –   and other US locations.


Rocky July 2021

What is outcall
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