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Call Girl Near Me Fantasy
Call Girl Near Me Fantasy

The Time I Got to Play Out my Call Girl Near Me Fantasy

So I realize it is completely taboo to have a prostituting fantasy, but I can’t help my attraction! For a very long time, I have had this call girl near me fantasy where I invite a man to my home and he pays me to give him pleasure. I, of course, never attempted to experience this call girl near me fantasy by actually prostituting myself, because I never felt safe to experiment with it like that. I was SO excited when I found a man who was a well-reviewed pleasure professional, who was willing to help me play out my prostituting fantasy.

Why did I have this fantasy? There are a lot of things about it that turn me on. Mostly, I love the idea of having an “obligation” to provide pleasure. I like the idea of feeling like I “owe it to him” to provide pleasure and give him access to my body for his pleasure. I wanted to be able to do this within a set of rules that felt good and safe to me, though, which is why I never put myself in the situation to try this professionally.

I also really enjoyed the potential dynamic of a man feeling entitled to tell me what to do – how to proceed, where to touch him and how, what to allow him to do to me, etc. I wanted to create this dynamic with someone, but I didn’t necessarily want to hand my safety over with it. I wanted the opportunity to discuss beforehand what I was okay with experiencing, so that a man would not try to cross a boundary that I needed, to feel safe.

I also wanted to be able to discuss beforehand what I wanted to experience for myself, so that even though he would technically “be in charge” while we were together, I could still ask for some particular forms of pleasure that I was desiring.

The truth is, the reason why I had never engaged in this prostitute fantasy before, is because what I really wanted was to be able to control certain aspects of it. I wanted to be able to ask for certain things I wanted to experience – like, I didn’t want the experience to be completely devoid of pleasure for me.

I wanted to know beforehand that I was going to receive some pleasure, too, and it wouldn’t all be entirely focused on him. I wanted to be able to ask for certain forms of pleasure, and I wanted to be able to be clear on how I did not want to be pleasured, so I wouldn’t have to voice any strong boundaries during the experience. I wanted to enjoy feeling like I was in a role of service, without actually feeling like I might experience something I didn’t want to.

I wanted to feel like a man was taking charge, and I had to do what he wanted to do, but I also wanted to know going into it that I wasn’t going to be asked to do anything I really didn’t want. I wanted that sense of obligation, without actually feeling forced to do anything.

What’s Your Call Girl Near Me Fantasy look like?

I found a man online who offered male for female erotic services and this man’s website was filled with videos of explaining what his erotic services entailed, and there were even examples of sessions that you could watch. There were testimonials of other women talking about their experience.

And… there was a menu of possible experiences. I looked down the list of options and my pussy warmed significantly as I was reading. I realized I may have found a solution to meet my need for sexual engagement in a way that I could work with while single. I may have found a way to circumvent the issue of emotional entanglement – just treat my sex work as a professional service!

The menu was filled with options, from very gentle ways of easing in to touch like over the clothes teasing or cuddling, to basic orgasmic pussy massages, all the way to more “out there” desires like being blindfolded or tied down, and kinkier sex acts like anal massage or penetration. There were so many different forms of touch or services to choose from.

I knew from looking at this man’s site that I could ask for any of the pleasure I desired during this scenario, and that he actually possessed the skill to give it to me. So it wasn’t like I was going to ask to be pleasured during this scene and then I was going to get some half-assed disappointing pleasure and still have to focus entirely on him. If I asked for him to finger my pussy, he was going to do it really well. There were plenty of reviews to prove it.

It said on his site that he was willing to work with all sorts of taboo fantasies, so I started text messaging and explaining to him my desire. I told him all about how I wanted to experience this particular power dynamic, but at the same time I didn’t want to be forced into anything I wasn’t prepared for, and I trusted, due to the substantial evidence that he had respected other women’s boundaries, that he would respect mine, as well, as long as I laid them out clearly.

I told him I wanted him to come to my place, to hand me money, and to come in and have a pleasure exchange with him. He could ask me to touch his penis and play with it, and he could touch my pussy and play with it. I didn’t want anything else. I just wanted to experience the feeling of a man paying for that kind of pleasure exchange with me. I didn’t want to have sex, I didn’t want to be touched anywhere other than my pussy, really. I wanted my touch to be focused on his penis.

We set the date and he arrived at my home, and after walking in my front door, he handed me a handful of bills. A thrill passed through me as I took it. Now I was in service mode. I asked him how he would like to begin, and he told me that he wanted to start by touching and teasing me and my body, and then he would let me know when I could touch his cock. He asked me to show him the way to the bedroom, and then he told me to lie down on my stomach, so he could get to know my body a bit.

I lay down on the bed and he started to lightly rub all over my body. It felt really nice and relaxing, and I got a little excited anytime his hands neared the more sensitive places in my body. He was definitely teasing me though, by just coming near them. He took his time, and clearly enjoyed touching all the different places on my body. He grazed the outsides of my breasts, and dipped his hands between my thighs, lightly sliding the backs of his fingers up along my pussy lips.

He told me to turn over, and then he said that I could touch his cock now, if I wanted to. I flipped over and felt my front side exposed to him. He slowly pulled each of my legs open further. Then he sat to the side of me and played with my breasts and my pussy while I reached over and fondled his cock. It was fully standing at attention for me. I loved the feel of it in my hands. His hardness, and the way my grip felt around his shaft.

As he gently tweaked my nipples and gripped my clit through my pussy lips, little lightning bolts of pleasure flew through my body, flowing from my toes to my finger tips. I was loving the build up of pleasure energy in my body. I slowly stroked his cock in my hand, gently feeling around the head of his cock, feeling him get harder and harder in my hand. I licked my hand, and got things lubricated so I could more easily slide my hand up and down.

As he dipped a finger into my pussy, while still tweaking my clit, I increased the pace of my stroking – I wanted him to cum for me, and I wanted to cum for him. As he continued to stimulate my pussy, I could feel him close to orgasm. He came all over my hand as I stroked him, with a big groan, and he continued to rub my pussy.

I had an explosive orgasm, moaning loudly and my whole body quaking as he fingered me to the point of melting. It felt so naughty to feel like I was paid to play this way. I loved playing this role in my call girl near me fantasy.

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