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Yoni Massage Seattle
Yoni Massage Seattle

Yoni Massage in Seattle – How Yoni Massage Can Help You Satisfy Your Exhibitionist Fantasies

I always had a fascination with the idea of being watched. Even when I was a young girl, I used to do “performances” in the reflection of my bedroom window at night, dancing to my favorite song, playing dress-up with some of the flashier things in my dress-up bin, and one thing was always consistent – I was always imagining that someone was out there hiding in the dark, watching me. Admiring me. Fascinated by me. This thought led me to explore if there was a yoni massage in Seattle experience available.

Something in men’s gazes and how they feel as they are falling on my body has always given me a bit of a thrill. Their lustful stares almost feel like heat or slight tingly pressure on my skin. I can usually feel when a man’s attention is boring into me from across the room. I have caught men trying to hide and sit and stare at me. It sort of feels like this invisible game that I play with men.

I’ve always been fascinated by the women in pornography, especially the ones in the videos where they are doing sexual things in front of a live audience. My body always feels electrified when I imagine what it would feel like to have so much hot attention pressing into my body while experiencing being pleasured at the same time.

Currently, I am in a relationship with a man who loves to watch me. From the moment we first met, he would tell me that he loves the way that I move, that he loves looking at the curves of my body and the creaminess of my skin. Even more so, he loves watching me glow and my energy amplify when I am in pleasure.

I used to dance for him and touch myself. I would slowly slide my hands all over my skin, while sensuously circling my hips and moving my spine like a serpent. I would tune into the pleasure of the feeling of my own touch, all of the tingly little nerve receptors lighting up and feeling into the sensation of the soft slide of my hand. Different erogenous zones in my body radiating with waves of magnetic pleasure energy. My pussy like a dripping hot beacon of erotic and sensual energy, calling him to me.

I love holding his attention with my body and my energy. It makes me feel alive to feel so hypnotic. The electricity in my body feels powerful. And I love calling him to me, and the feeling of rapture when he finally takes me.

So I have always had this fantasy of having an audience, but I’ve never had the actual desire to really do the full audience thing. I don’t know that I would actually enjoy that much attention. It is a lot to sign up for and walk into.

At the perfect time, as I was considering this, I discovered the existence of a yoni massage in Seattle place. Prior to this discovery, I thought that happy ending massages were only a thing that existed for men. I had no idea that a service existed entirely for the purpose of female pleasure.

I was excited just by the idea of a pussy massage, but when I realized that the experience also represented an opportunity for me to play out some of my fantasies in a professional and trustworthy context, well, that really got me thinking about things. There were a lot of things I was curious about trying sexually, but nothing compared to the thrill of the thought of being pleasured with an audience present.

I was in a relationship with a man who I was committed to not hiding anything from, so I told him about this opportunity I had found through a yoni massage practitioner to explore my fantasies. I told him I felt intrigued by the idea because I knew that I would be able to decide what would happen during a session, so it really felt like a safe space to potentially explore what brings me pleasure.

Then, I asked him my burning question, what I was really wondering and wanted to know from him – would he consider watching me receive a session?

I loved the idea of the tension held between us as he watches the woman he loves receive ecstatic pleasure at the hands of, essentially, a stranger. The whole idea felt really out there, and yet it called to me with an irresistible pull.

I wanted to know what it would feel like. I wanted to know how it would feel to receive pleasure at the hands of a man I barely knew. I wanted to know if I would be able to relax into the experience and receive all the pleasure that a man I had no history with was giving me. I wanted to know how it would feel to vulnerably wrestle with all of this while being watched, not only by my man, but by the yoni massage practitioner as well.

I was finally going to experience having my audience. I was so excited!

Searching for a yoni massage in seattle experience?

I waited anxiously while my lover mulled over the possibility of experimenting and watching me receive pleasure in a situation like this. I was really hoping he would be open to it. I was really hoping it would turn him on. I knew it turned me on.

When he finally responded, his breath was a bit heavy and ragged. He exhaled and said, “Let’s do it.”

I set up the appointment and before I knew it, the time had arrived. I was nervous and excited and thrilled all at the same time.

The yoni massage therapist had us both sit down when we arrived, and we talked for a while about what my desires were, what I was comfortable with, and what I was hoping to experience during the session. We also talked about what I did not want to happen. Then he talked with my lover for a bit about what to expect.

He invited me to strip off my clothes and lie down on a massage table. He offered a chair along the wall for my lover. I stripped off my clothes and laid face down on the massage table.

I could feel the heat of both my lover’s gaze and the yoni massage therapist’s gaze on my naked body. I felt super warm between my legs.

The yoni massage therapist began by massaging my back, shoulders, and neck, inviting my body into deep relaxation. He spent some time rubbing my scalp and playing with my hair, lightly running his fingers through it. Slowing and deepening his breathing as I naturally aligned my breath to his.

He started at my upper back and stroked down along the sides of my spine with both hands, widely sweeping over my hips and butt, then dragging his fingertips along my waist and the sides of my breasts.

The pleasure receptors in my body lit up like fireworks. In my relaxed state, the sensations of pleasure throughout my body had become heightened. My pussy began to throb and ache.

The yoni massage therapist kept his attentions on my back, my hips, and my thighs, while occasionally sliding his touch against one of my more sensitive areas – the sides of my breasts, the insides of my thighs, between my butt cheeks – he would lightly stroke and tickle in these places, and before I knew it I felt my hips beginning to rock.

When he parted my legs wide, pulling each foot to the side of the table, I once again felt the weight and the heat of both men’s attention on both my pussy and my ass. I could feel their hunger for me. I could feel the magnetic pull of their desire.

It turned me on immensely to be experiencing such pleasure while also basking in the feeling of this attention. I loved to be seen in my most raw of states. For my lover to sit back and witness me in the throes of this intense pleasure was something powerful.

When I was clearly in a fully turned on state, the yoni massage therapist asked me to turn over. Now my front was exposed, my naked breasts, and he pulled my legs open wide to expose my pussy again.

He began by massaging my waist and my breasts, slowly and gently teasing and tweaking my nipples, sending little electric shocks of pleasure straight down to my clitoris. My hips bucked in anticipation. My pussy ached to be touched.

He finally made his way down to my pussy, and slowly, irritatingly slowly stroked my labia and my clitoris. The layered sensations of pleasure had become so intense, my entire body was writhing with desire for release. He would stimulate me in multiple places at once, ever-slowly increasing the intensity of the pleasure.

As my breathing and moans increased, I sensed my lover’s breathing and heard the sounds of his pleasure as he touched himself while he watched me being touched. As I heard him begin to have an orgasm, I too felt the waves of sensation crashing over me, radiating through me, and eventually slowly pulsating through my entire body.

This initial exploration of my exhibitionist fantasy was only the beginning. I made several other appointments with the yoni massage therapist and requested different kinds of sensual experiences. And my lover learned some very exciting new ways to touch me in the process.

I highly recommend seeking yoni massage therapy, and the local yoni massage in Seattle place, as a way to expand into the areas of your sexuality that seem out of reach to you in your current situation. It’s a beautiful opportunity for self-exploration.

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Massage Themes. Themes are sessions that revolve around a more detailed interest than simply a generic term like “sensual massage.” Between what you are seeking, and what I have identified and interests that many women find fun, interesting or exciting, there are dozens of variations and an infinite number of combinations of possibilities of what can be done.

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