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Yoni Massage Therapy Reviews
Yoni Massage Therapy Reviews

After Searching for Yoni Massage Therapy Reviews – How Yoni Massage Helped Me Heal after Years of Sexual Dysfunction

I had been struggling in my sex life with my husband for years. It was so difficult for me to get turned on, and I had lost the ability (or so I thought) to create my own lubrication. I was dry as a bone, and sex was just painful. This is what eventually led me to search for yoni massage therapy reviews online.

I would avoid sex with my husband, claiming to have a headache or to be too tired when he would beg for it. It had just become such a frustrating and unpleasant experience, that I never really felt like engaging with him. Our intimate engagements had become so infrequent, he barely asked for it anymore. The only time it was promised and guaranteed was on our wedding anniversary. It was just sad.

There were parts of my body that were numb, where I just couldn’t experience pleasure. There were parts of me that I never wanted touched. When I would attempt to have sex with my husband, I would feel trapped in my head, unfocused, unable to stay with the pleasure and allow it to build, so that I could eventually enjoy an orgasm. I couldn’t remember the last time I had had a good orgasm.

I had almost given up hope around ever getting to be a sexual woman. It just didn’t seem to be meant to be, and I felt like I was constantly disappointing my husband. It was so depressing!

And then I searched for yoni massage therapy reviews and found my first yoni massage practitioner. I had no idea that yoni massage even existed. I had certainly heard about men receiving sexual massages, but never a woman. The concept was intriguing and also made me very nervous. I didn’t know what my husband would think of such a concept, either. How would he feel about me receiving sexual touch from another man?

The more I read about yoni massage, the more I was convinced that it could actually help me reawaken some of my sexual pleasure. I saw stories of other women who were able to experience more pleasure than they had in years. It even seemed possible that I might experience an orgasm.

I introduced my husband to the information I had found around how yoni massage can help heal sexual dysfunction. I told my husband that I was curious about exploring this with a professional. I asked him if it might be possible for him to think of it as sex therapy. My desire was to learn how to experience pleasure while being intimate with him again. I was so tired of experiencing shut down.

Surprisingly, my husband agreed to allow me to explore this avenue, even though I would be receiving sexual touch from another man in order to accomplish that. My husband really wanted for me to be able to enjoy myself again. He knew that his enjoyment depended on my enjoyment.

On the yoni massage website, there was a long menu of sexual touch and experiences that it was clear I could choose from. The options went from extremely basic seduction – like having the yoni massage practitioner slowly and sensually remove my clothes, and a light sensual massage – to far more advanced options that were fodder for potential fantasy exploration. I realized that there was a lot of territory to cover when it came to sexual intimacy, and that it was likely I was going to need to receive yoni massage multiple times in order to move through a healing process around experiencing more pleasure.

Searching for yoni massage therapy reviews online?

I set up an appointment for my first yoni massage the next day. I asked my husband if he wanted to attend the appointment with me, and he declined. I was going to have to be brave and allow myself to receive this experience all on my own. I was a bit nervous, but I had a sense I was onto something that would make a big difference for me.

When I arrived the next day, I was quite nervous. I couldn’t believe I had made a plan for a strange man to touch and stimulate my body – how was this even a thing?? But there I was, getting ready to knock on the door of his office.

When he answered the door, I decided he looked normal enough. He offered me a chair in his office and asked me questions about why I had come in to see him. I explained to him how much I had suffered with sexual dysfunction and how often my husband and I felt frustrated or dissatisfied in the bedroom. I expressed how badly I wanted to have an easier time having an orgasm. I couldn’t remember the last time it hadn’t felt like a total drag trying to get off.

I selected a very basic introductory yoni massage experience, where I would start out naked on the table and he would give me a full body massage that would culminate in a yoni massage, hopefully ending with an orgasm. He asked if I was okay with my anus being touched and I thought that would be weird the first time he touched me, so I said no. He asked if I wanted my breasts touched, I said yes. He asked if I wanted my face and hair touched, I said that was okay. He asked if there was anywhere else I did not want touched, I said no.

He gave me a moment of privacy and I took my clothes off, then lay down on the massage table. I was really feeling nervous, but I felt I could trust him and was not worried that he would push my boundaries or do anything we hadn’t discussed. I felt ready to relax into the experience.

He began by massaging my back, neck and shoulders, which I allowed myself to relax during. I breathed deeper, and felt my muscles releasing tension. He gently stroked my hair for a bit, then went back to rubbing my back, this time from up near my head. His hands worked their way down onto my butt and my hips, then he grazed his hands along my sides and I felt a tingle between my legs as I felt his touch on the sides of my breasts.

He moved along to my hips, and my legs, occasionally allowing his hands to graze closer and closer to my sex. And then he spread my legs wider, opening up my sex to his view, which made me a little nervous, but also felt very exciting. At this point, I began to want for him to touch me there. Perhaps that was because he was teasing me and making me wait.

When he would occasionally grasp my clitoris or stroke my labia, a ripple of pleasure would blaze through me. I hadn’t felt this turned on in ages! I had not wanted to be touched so badly in a very long time.

He continued to make me wait, and asked me to turn over onto my back, so now he could see my exposed breasts and my sex. He massaged my belly, rubbing my hips and my pubic bone, occasionally grazing my clitoris. I was aching for it by then.

He brought his attention to my breasts, where he grazed and stroked the sides, and cupped them gently, then kneaded the muscles underneath and around them. I gasped when he touched my nipples, gently tweaking and stroking them. I nearly lost my mind when he began slowly tweaking one nipple and lightly fingering my clitoris at the same time.

Finally, he brought his full attention down to my sex, and began to play with my clit in earnest. His finger began to lightly trace the opening of my vagina, and it shocked me how I longed for his finger to penetrate me. He began to explore my insides with his finger, and that was the moment I began to believe I would have an orgasm there on the massage table.

With plenty of patience, he kept playing with my sex in various ways until I knew I was ready to explode. I had the first orgasm I had had in years there on the table. I was so thrilled!

I was so happy with my experience the first time, I kept going back to see him for several more sessions, each time exploring more adventurous or curious pleasure territory.

And now, my sexual relationship with my husband has completely changed. He has learned how to better pleasure me, and I am feeling fully satisfied and taken care of by him so much more often. And he is thrilled, because we have sex far more often!

When I first searched for yoni massage therapy reviews and discovered yoni massage, I never imagined it could be the practice that could help me release years of sexual dysfunction, and heal my intimate relationship with my husband, so that we could both enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. The impact of this pleasure practice has truly been profound in my life.

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