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Yoni Massage Therapy Locations
Yoni Massage Therapy Locations

How Yoni Massage Enabled me to Experiment with Double Penetration – Yoni Massage Therapy Locations

I had always been curious about what it would be like to experience double penetration. The idea of feeling completely filled up was titillating. When I would peruse porn on the internet, I would often gravitate to the videos of two men and one woman. I was deeply curious what that would feel like. I had no idea what I would discover when I searched for yoni massage therapy locations.

As a single woman, the idea of finding two men I would be comfortable doing that with was really far off. I hadn’t even managed to find one man who I felt comfortable dating, so it seemed like the likelihood of finding two was really low. I really just considered my double penetration curiosity to be a distant fantasy. Just something I occasionally thought about while touching myself.

Then I searched for yoni massage therapy locations and found a website for a local yoni massage place. I had never even heard of erotic massage for women. I knew that there were many places where men could go for a massage with a happy ending, but this was my first encounter with such an offer for women.

At first, I was a little freaked out by the notion. Letting a strange man touch me that way?? It seemed kind of crazy.

But then, I started to watch some of the videos on the site and to dig a little deeper into what yoni massage is. It turns out it is a really beautifully healing pleasure practice. Women come to yoni massage for all manner of reasons. Some of them are lonely and isolated and are looking for some physical attention and relief. Some are married and are hoping for their husbands to learn something helpful about pleasure to improve her experience in the bedroom. Some are curious about exploring different sexual experiences, and are looking for a safe place to experiment. I was in the latter crowd. I wanted to explore, and I wanted to feel safe while doing so.

I discovered there was essentially a menu on the website that was a list of possible experiences to explore. There was a wide range of experiences on the list – everything from cuddling with clothes on right down to infusing pleasure with pain or something a little more hardcore like double penetration with a toy. It was possible just to get a simple yoni massage – a full body rub that culminates in a pussy massage and, ideally, a climax. It was also possible to get an anal massage or a breast massage.

I sat with this information for some time. The idea of enjoying this service was fuel for my solo fantasies for a good while. Eventually, though, my curiosity got the best of me and I made an appointment with the local yoni massage practitioner.

Searching for yoni massage therapy locations?

I was super nervous leading up to my appointment, and I almost canceled it at the last minute, but the allure of my fantasy was strong enough that I stuck with it. I had spoken with him on the phone, and I felt pretty sure he wasn’t a creep. I was still a little worried about it, but I talked myself into going.

When I arrived, he asked me to sit down with him to discuss what I would like to experience. He specifically asked me what I thought I would find pleasurable and what I knew I would not find pleasurable. He asked me to make clear any places I did not want touched, or anything specific he needed to know about the way I wanted to be touched.

When I told him that my desire was double penetration, he let me know that it was usually a good idea to begin with a classic yoni massage, and build up the trust and feeling of safety by introducing some anal play before moving into double penetration. He let me know that he felt it was likely that I would need a few sessions to warm up to readiness for double penetration. He explained how much the pleasure was dependent upon my ability to fully relax.

I felt a little disappointed about not going all the way for my fantasy that day, but I could see the logic in what he was saying – it was a lot to expect myself to relax to that degree during our first contact.

He invited me to remove my clothes and lay face down on the massage table. He began by giving my full body long slow sensual strokes. My breathing slowed and I felt myself melt into the massage table a bit. He edged his stroking closer and closer to my most sensitive spots. He slowly and softly teased the sides of my breasts and my waist, between my butt cheeks and up the inside of my thighs.

Then he pulled my ankles wider apart, moving my feet one at a time, widening my legs so that more of me was visible and exposed. I felt the heat of his gaze on my pussy and could feel the heat building between my legs. He slowly and softly stroked my labia, and up along the sensitive skin around my butt.

My body began to spasm and convulse with little explosions of pleasure. My hips rocked back and forth and I began to feel juiciness drip down between my legs. I wanted his fingers in my pussy.

He told me to turn my body over, and he took a break from my pussy for a while and instead teased my breasts, my nipples, and my inner thighs. My pussy ached for more touch and finally he brought his fingers down to gently graze my clit and my inner labia. He teased my clit with one finger and gently probed at the opening of my vagina the other.

I felt like my pussy wanted to devour his finger, and I nudged my hips toward him to encourage him to penetrate me. He did so slowly and sensually, going achingly slowly and making me wait an insufferably long time. It was worth the wait though. When he finally allowed me to reach a climax with his teasing, my entire body shook with the power of the pleasure radiating through me.

During my next appointment, this is exactly what he did before propping me on a bolster face down, and preparing me for double penetration with a toy. Being propped up on the bolster with my legs spread wide felt so vulnerable and exciting. I knew he could see every part of me.

With a glove on and some lube, he very slowly began stroking the outside of my anus, running his finger super lightly along the ridges of my skin. Each new sensation rippled pleasurably through my body. He slowly began to dip his finger, a millimeter at a time, into my anus. He didn’t pump his finger in and out, but instead just held it still and allowed my anus to relax around it.

While he was doing this, he took one end of a double-ended toy and slowly worked it into my pussy. Very slowly, he eased the toy all the way into my pussy while also slowly sinking his finger into my anus. It felt like little explosions of pleasure were bursting all over my body. There was so much pleasure to absorb, my brain was in total overwhelm. My eyes were rolling back into my head.

When my anus was relaxed enough, he replaced his finger with the other head of the toy, and so slowly, eased the toy in a millimeter at a time into my anus. The feeling was intense, and so filling. I felt little points of pleasurable contact in so many places that the sensations ran like a buzzing feeling throughout my body.

Being propped up on the bolster, face down with my legs spread wide, being penetrated in both my pussy and my ass at the same time – it was the most exciting feeling. I could not believe how much pleasure I was able to experience when fully relaxed. I was so happy that I was getting to experience this sensation without having to navigate the awkward social aspects of being penetrated by two men. In this situation, I got to just lie back and truly enjoy the pleasure I was being served.

As my pleasure increased, he increased his pace and the depth of his thrusting with the toy. I was in pleasure heaven as stars burst before my eyes, and I had a deep, full body orgasm, with little epicenters of pleasure throughout my body. Aftershocks flowed through me for minutes after, as he slowly, slowly removed the toys from my orifices.

I was so pleased that I had sought out the experience through yoni massage and searched for yoni massage therapy locations. I felt completely safe and held in my pleasure, and it allowed me to let go completely to just relax and receive. It was an incredible experience to just be served with pleasure in that way, and I will definitely be going back for future appointments.

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