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Female student has Teacher Sex sexual fantasy
Female student has Teacher Sex sexual fantasy

My Yoni Massage Therapist Helped Me Experience My Naughty Teacher Sex Fantasy

When I was a teenager I developed a naughty teacher sex fantasy when there was a teacher at our church who would always look at me a little too long, if you know what I mean. Even when I was a prepubescent girl, he would look at me in a way that would give me tingles between my legs.

I remember the way his energy, and all the attention he gave me, caught my attention and made me start to feel a certain way in my body. Right around the time I started growing boobs, he started giving me extra attention. I would catch him looking at me from across the room, and the energy of his attention always had this particular charge to it. It just felt like he wanted me.

When I was a little older, maybe thirteen or fourteen, he started making comments about how pretty I was, and I would catch his eyes resting on my boobs or my butt. My parents didn’t seem to notice… or if they did, they certainly didn’t show me. Nobody ever said anything, but then again, neither did I.

By the time I was fifteen or so, he was finding excuses to come in close to me, and “accidentally” graze or grope some part of my body. If I happened to be by a bookshelf, he would reach over me or around me, bringing his body in close, to “accidentally” brush against me. Sometimes he would graze me with his hand. I could remember a few times he would do it with his cock.

I’m sorry… but a man does not just “accidentally” rub his cock up against you. I remember as a young girl even, being able to feel his intent behind his lean… I could feel that he wanted to rub himself up against me, and there was nothing accidental about it.

It was a total mind confusion though, because I wasn’t allowed to acknowledge, at that age, that I could actually feel how wrong it was that an adult, and an adult that I was supposed to be able to trust, was rubbing himself up against me that way. I was supposed to pretend like it wasn’t happening. I could feel that pressure coming from him and also just knew that it was an expectation within the church that I not rock the boat by complaining and accusing the preacher of being inappropriate.

As a teenager, I remember how his sexual attention would stir up certain feelings in my body. I remember how I used to touch myself alone in my bedroom at night, and I would think about how he looked at me, and how he groped and grazed me, and I would fantasize about how he would touch me if he was actually allowed to act on those obvious feelings of attraction.

Do you have a naughty teacher sex fantasy you’d like to play out?

I used to imagine him luring me into his office, telling me that he had something to discuss with me about that week’s sermon. I would get nervous and excited when he would invite me into the room, then lock the door from the inside, ensuring privacy for us.

He would ask me to sit beside him on the love seat next to his desk. He would then start to lecture me on the temptations of the flesh, and how my body was beginning to betray me because it was like a siren call for men. He talked about how my perky little breasts were like a magnet for men and their sex drive. He told me that as long as they could be seen, I was asking for a swarm of men to want me and lust after me.

Then he would move onto my shorts. He would ask me to stand up and turn around, and then he would tell me that my shorts were far too short. He said I would be targeted by men because you could see my butt cheeks hanging out of my shorts. He told me, that he was willing to bet that my shorts were ridiculously short when I was bent over.

To illustrate his point, he instructed me to bend over with my belly on his desk, and my ass hanging out on the edge. This confirmed his suspicions, he said, that my shorts were incredibly inappropriate for my age and that they turned my teenage ass into a total man magnet.

He asked me if I would like to know what men want to do, when they see me in shorts that reveal my ass like that. I said that no, I didn’t want to know, but he told me that was too bad, that I had asked for it by choosing to wear them. He told me that, if I knew what was good for me, I would stay where I was and find out what happens when I choose to lure men in with my clothing like that.

He put one hand on my back, holding me firmly in place, and then he landed a hard smack on my ass cheek. I whimpered a little bit and asked him to stop. He got a freaky look on his face and smacked my other cheek, harder this time.

At this point, I could tell that he was losing any bit of self control he had. He told me that he was going to go ahead and give me a taste of what could happen, when I ran around like a naughty little temptress. He pulled my shorts down off my ass, lowering them to my knees.

He told me, that if I didn’t want anyone to find out about this, I would stay where I was, and let him have his fun with me. He took his hand off my back, and gathered both my ass cheeks in each of his hands, then he spread my cheeks open wide, and buried his face in my crotch, taking a big sniff of my scent.

Before I could react, he plunged his tongue deep in my pussy, getting a thorough taste of my juices. I was freaked out, but at the same time, intrigued by the pleasure and the feeling of the sexual charge in the situation.

He told me that my pussy was for men’s pleasure, and that he wanted to be the one to show me how men love to use pussies. I could hear him opening his pants behind me, and then he started rubbing the head of his hard cock against my pussy lips, telling me how he couldn’t wait to feel my tight virgin wetness all over his cock.

I was scared, but I was more scared about the whole church finding out that I had tempted the teacher to the point of losing control. He slowly pushed his hard cock inside me, making me gasp and grip the table, feeling stretched uncomfortably. He chuckled and told me that good girls learn how to take a good hard cock.

He grabbed the back of my hair and held my head down firm on the desk, as he pumped in and out of me, eventually getting to the point of slamming himself into me, pinning me against the desk. He let himself lose himself in fucking me, until he pulled out and ejaculated all over my ass and the small of my back. Then he told me to clean myself up and get out, telling me not to tell anyone about this.

This was my favorite fantasy for many years, and when I met a yoni massage therapist who enjoyed fulfilling fantasies and role playing, I had an opportunity to act out on this fantasy in real life. I described the full fantasy to him, explained what I would like to experience, and he told me he believed he could provide the experience I was looking for.

I went to his studio, which became the office of the teacher for my fantasy, and he and I played out the kinky scene, him playing the role of the preacher who wanted to violate me for being a naughty little temptress.

The experience was extremely fulfilling, hot, and sexy, and I ended up going back to him for further fantasy exploration during future visits. It was a really gratifying sexual outlet, and a great way to experience these things I had always had kinky fantasies about. And he made it feel easy, comfortable and fun to trust a practical stranger with such an experience.

I’m so glad I found the yoni massage therapist so he could help me experience my naughty teacher sex fantasy. Getting to play out these fantasies is so incredibly sexually gratifying. It’s a huge turn on! I think it is so cool that such a service is available for women in Seattle.

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