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Self conscious about genitals
Self conscious about genitals

Self Conscious About Your Genitals?

Did you know that what genitals look like is almost as unique as what our face looks like? Yep no 2 faces are identical (except maybe twins) and no 2 genitals are the same. We may have a perception that some genitals resemble others but that is only because we don’t see a variety of genitals as much as we see a variety of faces. The DNA our ancestors gave us is ours and ours alone.

But you think your genitals are somehow not representative of some ideal you have for what genitals should look like? Just let that go! You are fabulous. You are one of a kind. Embrace yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself! Give your beautiful genitals the attention they deserve and need. Life is too short to compare what you have to others, Be you.

Rest assured, I am not here to critique any part of your body. In fact I am here to foster your love for your body, with a special focus on loving your genitals.

Let me show you what self love feels like.

See you soon!

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