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Naughty Massage Near Me
Naughty Massage Near Me

Naughty Massage Near Me – How I Hired A Pleasure Professional to Fulfill My Naughty Boss Fantasy

In college I had a boss I worked for who was a total fox. There was always sexual tension in the air between us, though I never tried to act on that attraction. But boy, did that man fuel a lot of fantasies for me over the years. Naughty boss was one of my favorite fantasies for years.

During my marriage, I would conjure up the image of that boss in my head while having sex with my husband, and it would often be the fantasy that would drive me toward orgasm when I wasn’t feeling that into it with my husband.

I loved the idea of a naughty boss taking advantage of his position and requiring me to provide naughty services in order to maintain my employment. A naughty boss who would instruct me to bend myself over on his desk to receive some spankings… or tell me to kneel under his desk and give him oral attention while he works.

Truthfully, I wanted to be fully dominated by a naughty boss. I could never get enough of this fantasy. So I was really excited when I was searching for a naughty massage near me and I came across a website online for a local pleasure professional – and one of the things he offered was fantasy fulfillment and role-play.

His website alone was titillating. There were other women on video reflecting on his pleasure services. Listening to them describe their experiences and talk about what they liked about it was a big turn on for me. I sat for hours in the fantasy, and even watched a few of his videos where he was pleasuring women. The videos were on a massage table at his location where he offers his service, and it was another option to have an experience in your own home.

There was a menu of sorts on the site, or perhaps it’s better described as a list of scenarios one could choose from or be inspired by. One thing was clear, this man was dedicated to finding clarity around what a woman most desired to experience and providing it.

Searching for naughty massage near me?

There were options as tame as cuddling with clothes on, or platonic massage exchange. It was possible to just receive touch from him, or it was possible to touch and pleasure him, too, if that was desired. It was possible to draw the line at stimulation with hands (with a lot of options within that realm) or it was possible to engage fully in sexual intercourse and any other desired sexual position.

At the top of this list the man shared that part of why he does what he does is to provide women with the opportunity to practice asking specifically for what they would like to experience in the bedroom, as well as to open up possibilities around what might be possible to experience or explore.

On the more erotic or even kinky side of the list was things like anal play, double penetration, or role-playing scenarios like naughty doctor or daddy-daughter spanking sessions. At the end of the list, he encouraged women to let him know if they had any ideas or fantasies that were not included on the list, and he would be happy to consider adding them.

I saw an opportunity to have a lot of fun with my naughty boss fantasy. I reached out to him via the number on his website, and told him I was interested in having him come to my home to play out one of my favorite fantasies. I described to him in detail how I wanted to play out a scene in which he, as my boss, was displeased with my performance and, in order to be talked into allowing me to keep my job, expected me to endure some rather unorthodox treatment. I described how I wanted him to bend me over his desk, spank my ass cheeks until they were red, then fuck me while holding me down on the desk.

We agreed to a time and date, and I gave him the address to my home. This was after reading recommendations from several other women, of course. I felt comfortable after having spoken to him. The agreement was that when he arrived at my home, he would be in character as my boss, and the scene would begin from there. I was beyond excited.

The night of, I decided to get in character and I put on a sexy secretary outfit. I wore thigh high stockings and a skirt that was a bit on the short side. I wore a blouse that showed off some of my cleavage. In the scene, he was going to show up at my door upset about a mistake I made in the office, and he would be insisting that I make it up to him, or I would be losing my job. I couldn’t wait.

When he knocked on my door, I felt a nervous thrill travel up the length of my spine, like a jolt of lightning. I opened it, and invited him in. He let me know that I had made a big mistake in the office that day, and he was very unhappy with my performance. He knew that I needed this job in order to make ends meet, so if I wanted to keep it, he expected me to satisfactorily make up for my mistakes.

He walked in my door and headed toward the office, inviting me to follow him. As he moved to sit behind the desk, he asked me to close the door behind me, giving us privacy for my naughty punishment. My pussy juices were thoroughly dripping down my legs.

He instructed me to clear off the desk and lay my torso down on top of it. I did as I was told and cleared all the stuff off the surface of the desk, then laid down with my breasts pressed against the cold surface, and my ass hanging out of the bottom of my skirt.

He walked behind me and softly caressed my ass cheeks, rubbing them with his palms as he pushed my skirt up over my hips. He smacked me a couple times on my ass, allowing me to feel the sting of his spankings. He let me know that I was expected to let him have his fun with me, and if I did so, I would get to keep my job.

I nodded my head and let him know he could do what he wanted. He spanked my ass hard, until both my ass cheeks were red. My pussy dripped in a way I wasn’t prepared for. As he pulled my thong down around my knees, he trailed his fingers up along my labia, brushing against my clit very intentionally at the end. I shuddered and looked forward to him shoving his cock into me.

He instructed me to stay where I was, and he positioned the head of his cock just behind the opening to my pussy. I longed for him to shove the length of his cock inside me. He told me to be good and to take what was served to me like a good employee.

As he shoved the length of his cock deep into my pussy, I moaned and allowed him to press my breasts and my face into the desk. He shoved himself into me with force, and I loved every second of it. Harder! Harder! I begged, as he forced his way into my pussy repeatedly, telling me I would take it or I would lose my job.

When he was close to finished, he told me to turn my body around and get down on my knees in front of me. He wanted to finish in my mouth. He instructed me to sit on my knees and open wide for him. I obeyed.

I opened my mouth wide and took him into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, attempting to pull his cum into my throat. The feeling of being coerced into such an action was almost more than I could handle. It was really sexy to be treated like a sexy employee.

When he finally came, he pumped his goods down into my throat, and I swallowed them all, every last drop. It was a thrill to feel like I was sucking up to my boss, attempting to please him so he would not only let me keep my job, but give me a raise.

The naughty secretary fantasy was incredibly satisfying to play out with a man that I barely knew. I’m so thankful I was able to find a naughty massage near me. I was able to feel safe to trust him as a professional to deliver the experience I desired, and I was able to completely relax and enjoy the experience. The process of hiring a pleasure professional to do the deed was even more of a sexy boost!

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