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Im not thin
Im not thin

I’m Not Thin

After 62 years in a woman’s body, struggling with a body type and size that did not conform to the socially acceptable size 2, it has become crystal clear that all women have body image issues, thank you image sellers.
Granted, for a 300 pound woman they will be vastly different than someone half that size. But here is the good news, the clitoris will still operate and provide the goddess given pleasure you deserve. If you are a large woman, then you know everyday things are different for you, access to clitoris, introitus and erogenous zones will require adjustments to your massage experience. Body consciousness and orgasm are intricately linked for women, simply put being naked when we feel bad about our bodies puts a strain on sex and orgasm. Here’s the thing though, orgasms are yours to own and enjoy regardless of size, shape or skin issues, weight and appearance are truly irrelevant to pleasure.
Only you can override your reticence and comfort, but here’s the question I asked myself when I went looking for a surrogate, what do I care? If I am willing to pay for a fantastic experience, then what the fuck do I care what you think of my size shape or appearance…. I mean that really is our right as women but more importantly it’s within our power to require it.

Feel Sexy, Look Sexy – Anecdotally

Although, I would never endorse and legally can’t say orgasm as a weight loss method, but regular orgasms will impact it in a healthy and positive way…

I have watched several clients consistently trim down and dramatically improve their appearance over the course of their visits with Rocky.

Elizabeth (Rocky’s Partner)

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