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Can My Partner come With me to my Session?

You Session is all about you! If it makes you more comfortable to have your partner or an escort come with you, to assure your safety or to just be there, that is up to you. I will make a space available that is within your comfort zone.

Can My Partner Watch?

Again, this is your session. If this helps you relax. I am all for it. I can say, that when I do things to you that your partner has never done, it can get you into your thoughts and out of your body. I have been doing this a long time. I see how things go when partners watch and have lots of comparisons to when they don’t. Most women relax more, and get out of their heads when they don’t have any external concerns. So if your partner watching will not interfere with your you pleasure, great! Your call.

Can You Teach Him (or Her) Some New Techniques?

This is actually what my main objective at my sites is. To teach people new sexually artistic techniques. Some women love to hear me telling their partner new things he can and should do to you. It can be an awesome turn on. It can also be distracting. Let’s give it a try if you like and see if you can ignore my instruction and get your partner some new tricks!

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