Give Your Sensuality a Boost with the Sensual Massage in Seattle

Sensual Massage in Seattle Sensuality directly refers to all that involves your senses and pleases them to the fullest gratifying you in a way that you feel satiated and complete. Among the different senses present in the body, the sense of touch is surely the most important. The evidence of this comes from the childhood days when as a baby you were reassured and comforted by your mother’s touch and hug. As an adult, the same hug from a dear one is sure to make a difference at any point in time in life.

Sensuality needs stimulation

Your sensuality needs to be stimulated from time to time helping it to get rejuvenated restoring the original vigor which is lost in the vicissitudes of life. This stimulation is usually brought about by way of sensual massages given by experts in the field. A sensual massage is sure to stimulate the hidden sensory nerves that also include those that are responsible for sexual release. The massage is a journey of soft touch, strokes and caresses through the less often touched places on your body including the deeply embedded pelvic nerves.

Features of a sensual massage

feather-dusterIf you are looking forward to realizing the full potential of your senses, book a Sensual Massage in Seattle that is sure to induce a luscious feeling in you through the gentle touch on your skin. Imagine soft fingers running through the back of your neck, moving down the back to the butt area giving it a gentle squeeze. The caressing continues down your legs to the thighs filling you with a luscious feeling. As an outcome of the massage, you are likely to have heightened sexual feelings that you can indulge in or just allow it to peak in you for you to feel it.

Opt in or out of the Happy Ending

It is at this stage that you can choose to shed off your inhibitions to enjoy a happy ending of the sensual massage that you are undergoing. Let go of yourself and allow me to guide you to one of the most pleasurable experiences that you have had in life. It is a journey that begins with a feeling of comfort and trust leading to the full enjoyment of your aroused senses especially those of your sexual parts.

To enjoy a unique 60-90 minutes of priceless time in your life Schedule a Sensual Massage in Seattle checking out the Options Available.

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I am not a licensed massage therapist. Licensed practitioners are tightly regulated and monitored against touching places on the body the state considers “sexual”. As an intimate holistic healer, I recognize the physiological and psychological benefits of ALL massages and believe that the exclusion of any portion of the body is arbitrary and detrimental to humanity. Physical locations in a human being designated as “sex” organs have muscles, nerves, spasms, contractions, pain and discomfort just like any other place on a body, and in some cases more so. The fact that these locations can experience a vast range of sensation from pleasure to pain indicates the need for proper care and maintenance. When “sex” organs experience breakdown, our culture denies thoughtful, compassionate, holistic therapy using prostitution laws. It is my mission to expose this as a modern day witch hunt. Its roots are derived from outdated fundamentalist shame and scorn. A positive, healthy human sexuality and the ability to foster it and fully experience it is not only a human right, but intricately beneficial to the individual, their partner, and even society as a whole.

Agreement for holistic treatment.

If you wish to experience physical touch for the purpose of maintaining your sexual health, please maintain all inquiries, communications and the like in the context of “Sexual healing.” Monetary offer requests for sexual “gratification” are illegal, and I cannot help you. This does create a legal paradox. Sexual healing is intended to optimize the function of sex organs, directly or indirectly leading to increased gratification and ultimately optimum orgasmic release. In an effort to effect the health and proper function of sex organs, consequential “gratification” would be an expected result. The fact that no one can make themselves available for this or any other service without some form of compensation makes it impossible to provide this realm of services as a legal, licensed, reputable establishment. Your sexual health is held hostage between the state and medical doctors who are prohibited from providing a great portion of sexual health treatments relative to pleasure and maintenance. I offer compassionate assistance without an agreement for compensation. As long as I can maintain a safe, clean, beautiful environment through donations, gifts, gratuities or other contributions, that are not intended as compensation for work, I can continue to provide my time at no cost. I also sell Toys and bedroom accessories, and your patronage also helps me operate legally and in integrity.