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Is Receiving Yoni Massage Against My Religion
Is Receiving Yoni Massage Against My Religion

Is Receiving Yoni Massage Against My Religion? – Learning More About Yoni Massage Therapy How To

I grew up in a very devout household, and my religion has been a big part of my life, and a big part of my marriage. Sexuality is not really something that was discussed, other than to make it clear that sex before marriage is a sin. I was told to guard my body and my innocence, and to remain righteous.

Now, here I am as a married woman, and I found myself wondering if there is more to sex and sexuality than the simple exchanges I have (minimally) enjoyed with my husband. I wondered if I might be missing out on something delicious, since I had friends who clearly enjoyed their sex lives more.

I wanted to get some education on sexuality and expand my horizons, but I worried about conflict with my religion. I had always been taught that sex is a sin, outside of marriage, and even being too sexual while married is problematic. I was concerned about being judged by God for my curiosity.

I was driven to find some answers, however, because I knew that the experience I was having in my marriage was not as good as it could be, and I wanted a deeper experience in my marriage than what I was currently having.

I found a website that described a practice called yoni massage. I found it while I was searching for pleasure techniques, just trying to get more information about what other married couples do. I wondered if even searching for this information was against my religion, but I decided that my motivation was love and more fully supporting my marriage, and that could not be against my religion.

As I delved into this website, I realized that this was a local man who offers yoni massage services, and that it was possible to make an appointment to experience a yoni massage. Now, I could see it being argued that this would be against my religion – going outside of my marriage to experience pleasure – but there was the possibility of having my husband come along and learn from the experience with me, and I wondered if that would work for us.

I very much wanted to protect the sanctity of my marriage, but I also wanted to learn more about my capacity to experience pleasure. I decided that if I talked to my husband about it some, I could likely convince him that this practice was in support of our marriage, and therefore supported by our religion.

I knew I wanted to try it out. I was absolutely lit up by the idea of him watching as I experience pleasure, and learning new and exciting ways to touch me. I knew this was going to open up a whole new world for us to explore in the bedroom, and I really wanted that for us.

I went to my husband and I described the scene that would occur with the yoni massage therapist, and explained why I was so interested in trying the experience. I told him how much I wanted to bring adventure and curiosity into our bedroom, and that I trusted that what supports our marriage is supported by our religion. I told him everything I was thinking, and then I waited for his response.

When he finally responded, his breath was a bit heavy and ragged. He exhaled and said, “Let’s do it.”

I set up the appointment and before I knew it, the time had arrived. I was nervous and excited and thrilled all at the same time.

The yoni massage therapist had us both sit down when we arrived, and we talked for a while about what my desires were, what I was comfortable with, and what I was hoping to experience during the session. We also talked about what I did not want to happen. Then he talked with my husband for a bit about what to expect.

He invited me to strip off my clothes and lie down on a massage table. He offered a chair along the wall for my husband. I stripped off my clothes and laid face down on the massage table.

I could feel the heat of both my husband’s gaze and the yoni massage therapist’s gaze on my naked body. I felt super warm between my legs.

The yoni massage therapist began by massaging my back, shoulders, and neck, inviting my body into deep relaxation. He spent some time rubbing my scalp and playing with my hair, lightly running his fingers through it. Slowing and deepening his breathing as I naturally aligned my breath to his.

He started at my upper back and stroked down along the sides of my spine with both hands, widely sweeping over my hips and butt, then dragging his fingertips along my waist and the sides of my breasts.

The pleasure receptors in my body lit up like fireworks. In my relaxed state, the sensations of pleasure throughout my body had become heightened. My pussy began to throb and ache.

The yoni massage therapist kept his attentions on my back, my hips, and my thighs, while occasionally sliding his touch against one of my more sensitive areas – the sides of my breasts, the insides of my thighs, between my butt cheeks – he would lightly stroke and tickle in these places, and before I knew it I felt my hips beginning to rock.

When he parted my legs wide, pulling each foot to the side of the table, I once again felt the weight and the heat of both men’s attention on both my pussy and my ass. I could feel their hunger for me. I could feel the magnetic pull of their desire.

It turned me on immensely to be experiencing such pleasure while also basking in the feeling of this attention. I loved to be seen in my most raw of states. For my husband to sit back and witness me in the throes of this intense pleasure was something powerful.

When I was clearly in a fully turned on state, the yoni massage therapist asked me to turn over. Now my front was exposed, my naked breasts, and he pulled my legs open wide to expose my pussy again.

He began by massaging my waist and my breasts, slowly and gently teasing and tweaking my nipples, sending little electric shocks of pleasure straight down to my clitoris. My hips bucked in anticipation. My pussy ached to be touched.

He finally made his way down to my pussy, and slowly, irritatingly slowly stroked my labia and my clitoris. The layered sensations of pleasure had become so intense, my entire body was writhing with desire for release. He would stimulate me in multiple places at once, ever-slowly increasing the intensity of the pleasure.

As my breathing and moans increased, I sensed my husband’s breathing and heard the sounds of his pleasure as he touched himself while he watched me being touched. As I heard him begin to have an orgasm, I too felt the waves of sensation crashing over me, radiating through me, and eventually slowly pulsating through my entire body.

This initial exploration was only the beginning. I made several other appointments with the yoni massage therapist and requested different kinds of sensual experiences. And my husband learned some very exciting new ways to touch me in the process. I was so thrilled that he was equally as turned on by watching me receive pleasure as I was turned on by receiving it.

I fully believe that learning about pleasure in this way is not against our religion. I communicated with my husband about it and got him to buy into the adventure together, and ultimately it supported our partnership and created a deeper connection than we had known before. I don’t see it any differently than going to a sex therapist to improve our experience.

I highly recommend seeking yoni massage therapy as a way to expand into the areas of your sexuality that seem out of reach to you in your current situation and learning more about yoni massage therapy how to. It’s a beautiful opportunity for self-exploration. I’m so glad I didn’t allow my fears about my religion stop me from getting to know this part of myself.

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