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How to use sex toys
How to use sex toys

The Video Series that Taught My Husband How To Use Sex Toys

My husband and I had been married for about ten years, when I finally got up the courage to let him know that I would like to explore adding some spice to our relationship in the bedroom. We had been doing the same bedroom routine for a long time, and frankly I wasn’t feeling all that stimulated by it. I was even faking some of my orgasms because things would be taking so long that I would just get uncomfortable and fake it so we could move on. This is why I wanted to learn how to use sex toys, to bring more interest into things.

It was really challenging for me to bring up to my husband the kind of things I wanted to try. I was pretty embarrassed, because we didn’t tend to discuss those things. I didn’t really even know how to ask for what I wanted. What I really wanted was for him to bring an experimental attitude to learning how to use sex toys with me. I wanted to create a dynamic between us in which we could play in the bedroom, and discover new things we both enjoyed. I really wanted him to be on board with this new exploration.

I went online and I found this video series through a search that included demonstrations of how to use sex toys with real women receiving pleasure. The website said that some people purchased the video course and watched together, to get on the same page and be informed before playing together. Some couples even enjoyed watching and playing along with the instruction.

The series was called “The Best She Ever Had” and the title alone made me tingle between my legs a little bit. My mind went off into fantasies of my husband watching and practicing, and me getting to experience new forms of pleasure I hadn’t before. I purchased the course, and then I was so excited to run out to the sex shop and buy some sex toys to practice with.

Searching for a video series to learn how to use sex toys?

I went to the shop and picked out several new toys, including a vibrator that would massage my clit and my g spot at the same time, an anal toy, a small bullet vibrator, and a fleshy dildo that was the same size as my husband’s cock. My body buzzed with excitement thinking about inviting my husband to play with these things with me.

I let him know that I had purchased the course, and I was hoping he would watch with me and practice and play together. I particularly let him know that I was interested in the video on how to use sex toys, and I told him I had a surprise to show him later. I winked at him and gave his butt a little squeeze. I could tell he was intrigued.

Later that evening, when we sat down to watch the video course, I asked him if he wanted to get naked with me and play along while we watched. He said he liked that idea and we both stripped down. The first video we watched was the video about sex toys because that was what I was most excited to try. I pulled out my bag of treasures and showed him each of the toys I was excited to experiment with. His eyes bugged out of his head a bit when he pulled out the anal toy. He had been wanting to play with my butt more, but clearly hadn’t really known how to approach it. He’d been letting me know he was interested, though.

We turned on the video, and I laid down on my front, the way the woman in the video was laying. The man who was instructing proceeded to slowly and smoothly rub her whole body in long slow strokes, while he talked about the importance of allowing a woman to fully relax to receive pleasure, during sessions that were focused on exploring what is most pleasurable for her. He explained how the entire body becomes far more receptive to pleasure when a woman is fully relaxed.

My husband followed his lead and massaged my whole body in long, sensual strokes. He kneaded the muscles in my back, adding some massage oil to make his touch smoother and deeper. I focused on letting my body relax, and taking long, deep breaths into my belly. I began to melt into the bed, and felt a heightened sense of pleasure with his touch all over my body.

The man in the video then started talking about how he begins to tease a woman, quickly dipping his fingers into her more sensitive places, giving her a little jolt of pleasure, waking her body up and connecting various places in her body with a network of pleasure energy. The woman on the table shuddered a bit as he tickled and teased.

My husband grabbed both sides of my waist, then dragged the backs of his nails up to the sides of my breasts, sweeping his fingers underneath my body and gently tweaking my nipples. Then he massaged my ass, occasionally dipping his fingers in my ass crack, lightly swirling around my anus, and along my labia and tickling my clit. My body felt fully lit up with pleasure.

After teasing like this for a while, the man in the video had the woman turn over onto her back. I rolled over onto mine, and both the woman in the video and I had our legs spread wide open. The look on my husband’s face as he eyed my wide open pussy was pretty hot. I was so excited for him to play with me with the toys.

The man in the video began to demonstrate with a variety of toys, the woman on the table moaning loudly, her hips bucking wildly around on the table. I could tell she had a few orgasms. Meanwhile, I was focused on what my husband was doing with me.

The focus on relaxation was so key, by the time he started pleasuring me I was so ready for all of the pleasure, and my body was crazy responsive to everything he did. He started out using the little bullet vibrator, and he teased me with it all over my vulva, inside my labia, and up around my clit. He also dragged it along the inside of my thighs.

Then he switched to the bigger vibrator and very, very slowly inserted it with lube into my vaginal opening. The vibrations were driving me wild, and by the time he had the toy fully inserted, the other part of it was pressed up against my clit. I started bucking my hips, digging into the toy with my pussy, begging him for more of what was feeling so good.

He decided to switch things up and removed that toy for a bit, to begin teasing me with the vibrating anal toy. He lubed me up really well and then very, very slowly inserted the slim toy into my ass. My body was absolutely exploding with pleasure, and I kept thinking to myself that I was so glad that he was watching this video on how to use sex toys! I felt like I was going to have a big orgasm, and I was so excited for future similar play sessions.

He got me to the point where I was comfortable with the toy in my ass, and then he brought the other vibrator back into play. He inserted in excruciatingly slowly, giving me a millimeter at a time. With both vibrators vibing my pussy was going absolutely wild. When I was used to the size of the toy and he had it pressed back up against my clit and my g spot, I began utterly losing my mind with the stimulation of both toys. My brain just could not comprehend of the symphony of pleasure sensations I was experiencing.

He pumped away at me with the toys, not too hard, but steady enough that it really felt like he was making love to me with them. I absolutely loved it and was moaning loudly, my body trembling with pleasure.

My mind was blown! The introduction of the toys gave me the most powerful series of orgasms. Suddenly my body came alive with pleasure and I was feeling things I hadn’t felt in years. I absolutely loved everything my husband learned in the video series, but especially the one on how to use sex toys. I’m so happy we had that experience.

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