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How to Masturbate Women
How to Masturbate Women

I Found a Video Series on How To Masturbate Women

One of the things that was kind of a revelation for me, as a man, was realizing that pornography does not give a good example of how to masturbate women. Even when women are pleasuring themselves in porn, it is often just for show, and the woman is not really experiencing much pleasure or having a real orgasm. It was a huge eye opener to realize that so much of what we see in porn is fake, and doesn’t give good context for what real pleasure play is actually like.

I don’t think I was ever really very good at giving pleasure to a woman, as it was a regular issue that came up in relationships for me in the past. Most of my previous partners eventually became pretty disinterested in sex during our relationships, and that was what often led to the breakdown of our relationships. One of us would leave due to feeling unfulfilled and under-tended to.

When I recognized that I wasn’t actually doing a very effective job of providing pleasure, I began to wonder if maybe that was part of the reason why our sex lives would become so dried up in my relationships. What I was doing was literally not helping these women become juicy and open to more intimacy.

When I discovered the video series The Best She Ever Had, I was thrilled to see that it promised to teach me how to masturbate women in a way that they actually enjoy, and that gives them tremendous pleasure. I was in a new relationship, and I was really excited to have an opportunity to practice what I was going to learn.

The series includes so many videos on different pleasure topics. Not only was I going to get a chance to learn how to masturbate women better, there were also videos that differentiated between clit massage, vaginal massage, labia massage, g-spot massage, breast massage, anal massage, and more. I was going to have an opportunity to learn an entire tool set of pleasure activities that I could blow my girlfriend’s mind with.

Looking for a video that will show you how to masturbate women?

I spent a while watching the videos, that are demonstrated on real women, and the guy who teaches is pleasuring women in real time as he gives instruction on what to look for and think about while giving pleasure. It was a real turn on to watch the women’s bodies twitch and writhe in pleasure as he followed their pleasure to the point of orgasm. It was really hot watching women have real orgasms in different positions, and with different stimulation.

I learned a ton listening to the guy’s instruction. I learned how important it is to get a woman to fully relax in order to maximize her experience of pleasure. In the videos, he shows a lot of moves to help a woman relax in a pleasurable way. He also talked a lot about the importance of slowing down, and moving at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm a woman with pleasure or give her an orgasm too quickly. He shared ways to track her pleasure as it builds, to follow the communications of her body and follow the pathway of her greatest pleasure.

I felt like I had plenty of information to convince my girlfriend to let me practice with her, so I asked her if we could have a date night, and I asked if she would be okay with me giving her a little extra special attention. She was clearly curious about what I had planned, and she agreed. I made her a tasty dinner and I went out to get some flowers to give her, to let her know that she is special to me. She was glowing after we ate our dinner, and I could tell she was brimming with curiosity to see what else I was planning.

I grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom, after putting on some sexy tunes. I let her know that I wanted to give her some extra special pleasure tonight, and that she would need to remove her clothes and lie face down on the bed.

When she was settled on the bed, I began stroking her body with long, slow, gentle strokes from head to toe. I just wanted to wake up her skin, and allow her to feel my touch all over her body. She sighed and breathed more deeply, clearly relaxing into the bed. When I could tell that she was good and relaxed, I decided to excite her a bit and make her wonder by pulling her legs open wider, one leg at a time. She gasped a little bit, undoubtedly feeling the cool air on her exposed pussy and her cute little butthole.

I went back to stroking her body with long slow strokes, and allowed my hands to graze the sides of her breasts, and to dip down between her legs. The tips of my fingers reached down and lightly tickled her clit, then swept along her labia. Her breathing picked back up and her hips began to rock a little bit.

I slowed my touch way down, and I carefully traced my finger along the skin inside her butt crack. I watched her body convulse with tiny little bursts of pleasure as my finger found all her little tingly bits along the skin around her anus. My girlfriend began to moan, clearly surprised by how much pleasure was coming from such simple touch.

I went back to tickling her clit, and lightly rubbing her labia, and the crease of her inner thigh. My girlfriend was starting to get wet, her juiciness dripping down along her soft and sensitive labia. I could tell she was getting super excited.

To slow things down and keep control of the pace, I asked her to flip around over on her back. When she was settled again, I went back to the long, sweeping touches all over her body, from her head to her toes. I spent a little time rubbing her feet, remembering how many pleasure zones women have in their feet that are directly connected to her pussy, especially when she is relaxed and turned on. I rubbed between each of her toes, and slowly and sensually massaged the spots on her feet that her body responded to with it’s little pleasure reactions.

When I was done stimulating her through her feet, I went up to her belly and her chest, planning to give some massage love to her breasts. I teased her by swirling my massaging hands around her belly and around her breasts, avoiding full contact with the sensitive skin of her breasts. Then I softly caressed the skin of her breasts, and gently tweaked each of her nipples.

As my girlfriend’s excitement grew, I reached down and began to play with her clit a little bit while continuing to tweak her nipples. She was breathing heavily, moaning with each breath, and started to beg me to give her pussy more attention, and give her the orgasm that had been building slowly the entire time.

I settled myself down by her pussy, and began to explore it with both of my hands. One of my hands continued to grasp and gently squeeze her clit, wiggling it between my fingers, feeling its stiffness and hardness, while my other hand began exploring her vaginal opening with a single finger.

I eased my finger into her pussy, very slowly, moving my finger around in slow circles, exploring the walls of her vagina, looking for the places that made my girlfriend’s body twitch with pleasure in response. I could tell clearly when my fingers found her g-spot, as her noises got louder, and the movement of her hips became more insistent against my finger.

Slowly, I found a rhythm with my fingers, in harmony with the rocking of her hips, and I steadily increased the speed and pressure I was working with on her clit and her g-spot. I could tell I had found a very pleasurable position for her, and it was time to let her ride my fingers all the way to her orgasm. I stuck with what I was doing, watching her pleasure response building and building, until finally she came with a screaming orgasm. Her whole body vibrated with the pleasure.

The difference in the quality of her pleasure and her orgasm was so clear. It was an epic idea to watch the video series on how to masturbate women, because I clearly impressed my girlfriend. Our sex life has not been the same since. I feel like a sex god, and she sure treats me like one. In fact, she lets me know now that I’m the best she’s ever had.

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