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The Video Series that Taught Me How to be a Better Lover

My wife and I have been together since high school, and it wasn’t until we were in our thirties that my wife started to let me know that she was hoping we could work on our sex life. I thought I had been doing a pretty good job in the bedroom, but she revealed to me that she had been less than satisfied, and she hadn’t known how to approach me about it. She had finally just run out of patience, and was tired of engaging with me the way we always had. She told me she needed to switch things up, or she was going to lose interest in sex altogether. This is why I wanted to be a better lover.

This was a big wakeup call for me. I had thought that pleasure and sex were relatively simple, and I had thought that my basic level of understanding was enough to rock my wife’s world, but clearly, I had been mistaken. It made me feel a bit insecure, because I wondered how I could have missed that she was unsatisfied for so long. It was hard not to take it as a hit on my manhood, but I decided that I would rise to the occasion and explore improving our intimate interactions with her.

I took to the internet to search for some educational material that would teach me how to be a better lover. My search turned up a website that had a video course called The Best She Ever Had. I looked over all the different topics this course covered. The instructor demonstrates on real women, providing them with real pleasure and real orgasms.

This video course had instruction on lots of different forms of erotic massage – pussy/yoni massage, breast massage, clit massage, g-spot massage, anal massage, and more! There was also instruction on how to improve sex technique during intercourse. I was excited to purchase it and start watching, as I was definitely ready to learn how to be a better lover.

I set up some time for myself to watch the videos, and I even enjoyed pleasuring myself a bit, while watching the instructor give pleasure to the women he was demonstrating on. Their sounds and body movements were very arousing. I couldn’t wait to have that same affect on my wife.

In the video series, one of the biggest takeaways for me was just how much a woman needs to feel relaxed in her body in order to tap into her full pleasure potential. With my wife, I had always just dived in to touching her most sensitive places, and I realized while watching the video that I had been robbing her of the opportunity of getting fully turned on before trying to have sex with her. We had only been able to have intercourse with personal lubrication, and I realized while watching the video series that it was likely that the lube had been necessary because my wife had not been given an opportunity to fully get into her turn on. I couldn’t wait to see if I could make her pussy drip the way the women’s pussies dripped in the videos.

I watched all of the content on pleasure technique, learning tons about how to touch and where, as well as getting a sense of pacing. Oh man, had I been going way too fast for my wife to have a chance of experiencing any pleasure bliss. This was a big wake up call. One of the biggest messages I received was the importance of slowing way down, taking my time, and noticing all the tiny little communications her body gives in order to indicate the level of pleasure she is experiencing.

Looking for videos to teach you how to be a better lover?

When I felt like I had absorbed all I could from the videos, I was ready to practice with my wife. I told her I had been doing some research, and that there were some special pleasure techniques I wanted to try out with her. I promised her that what I had learned had taught me how to be a better lover. I could tell she was very excited, and filled with anticipation to experience what I had learned. I didn’t tell her any details. I told her that her job was simply to relax fully and let me take care of her and her body.

I lovingly helped her remove her clothes, and invited her to lay face down on the bed. I began by giving her long, slow strokes all over her body, from head to foot. I woke up the skin all over her body with light, trailing touches. I gave her some deeper tissue massage on her back, neck and shoulders, and then I sat up by her head for a while and ran my fingers through her hair.

When I could tell she was fully relaxed and ready, I rubbed down her back, then pulled my fingers up along the sides of her waist, and her breasts. I did this a few times, then moved down to rubbing her hips and butt. I gave her a nice deep tissue massage there, then inched my way down to the backs of her thighs, dipping my hands down between the insides of her thighs, trailing my fingers along her pussy lips and very gently tickling her clit.

My wife’s breathing picked up, and I could tell her body was becoming excited. I continued to rub her this way, occasionally teasing her sensitive places, watching her body convulse in response, with each little ripple of pleasure she was feeling. Her breathing began to sound a bit more like moaning, the more attention I gave to her sensitive places.

I teased her a little bit more, then I asked her to flip over onto her back. I took each of her feet and slowly spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy to my view. She looked at me with a look of pure anticipation and excitement. Her pussy was juicy. I sat down by her hips, and started to explore playing with her clit a bit. I trailed my fingers along her labia, and applied a little bit of pressure to her clit.

I took a break from her pussy and moved up to her breasts, extending the tease and making her wait longer for her big orgasmic release. I wanted to give her a big orgasm before having sex with her, so I would know she was completely satisfied this time.

I reached down and tickled her clit, grasping it through her labia and massaging it gently, while I tweaked each of her nipples, pinching them a little harder this time. When I was ready, I settled myself down by her hips and let both of my hands explore her pussy. One hand focused on her clit, wiggling it between my finger tips slowly, and the other gently pushed into a finger into her pussy.

Slowly, slowly, I let my finger explore the inside of her vagina, feeling around in circles, enjoying her moans and the way her body was convulsing. She was pressing her hips up into my hand, begging me to get her off already. I was truly enjoying making her wait for it.

When I was good and ready, I increased the pressure and pace a bit with my hands, pumping against her g-spot with two of my fingers, and jacking off her clit like it was a tiny cock. My wife moaned and groaned, becoming breathless as her hips rode my hands til she came. She was absolutely explosive, and she squirted a bit on my fingers.

I was wildly excited, and got my cock ready to push into her vaginal opening. I asked if she was okay with it, and she very enthusiastically pulled me in. We went at it like teenagers, loudly banging away – I’m sure we disrupted the neighbors. I could barely contain myself, and flipped over onto my back she could ride me for a while. She went wild on me for a bit, giving herself a second orgasm all over my cock, and then I flipped her over again so I could do her from behind.

I went at her like a jack hammer, coming explosively and then collapsing on top of her. We breathed together for a while and recovered.

My wife was so satisfied and surprised, she wanted to do it again, shortly thereafter. Nowadays, it’s actually kind of hard to keep up with her. A lot has changed – she seems more vibrant and alive. It’s hard to keep my hands off of her. She let’s me know all the time that I am definitely the best she ever had.

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