Is a Happy Ending Massage  for Women Illegal? 


There is no law that one person cannot give another person a female happy ending massage or any other sexual equivalent. Sex, touching sex organs, pleasuring sex organs, etc is not illegal, has never been illegal, and never could be illegal. But here is the rub (pardon the pun) What "is" illegal, is an "agreement" to directly exchange money for activity that the government considers sexual in nature. I'm not going to be specific, because the text of such laws will probably vary from state to state or country to country. Even city to city.  Suffice it to say, if it's sex (of pretty much any variety) for money, it's probably illegal.

In addition, it is also illegal in the State of Washington to practice healthcare without a license. The State considers the word "massage" in and of itself, as healthcare. We respect and support "therapeutic" contexts of "massage," and endeavor to be clear that we do not practice any form of massage that  could be construed as health care. 

However, the word "massage" has been in existence and used for many other contexts for 4,000 years prior to the states attempt to arbitrarily make it proprietary. We assert  that the contexts that use the work massage, that qualify it as "Erotic," "Sensual," "Happy Ending" or several other contexts which imply or infer massage in a purely sexual context, are not proprietary to the health care massage profession. 

Female Happy Ending Massage Seattle

If Happy Ending massage is not illegal except for a "sex for money"agreement, How does this work for you?

So how might the recipient show appreciation to a giver of a female happy ending massage? Let's compare; In a conventional "relationship," each partner (typically) contributes to expenses involved in "the" relationship. By that I mean, if dating, people show respect, be present, be a friend and companion, bear gifts or maybe buy dinner. In longer term relationships, the contribution may be the former plus a financial contribution to the rent or mortgage and expenses of a household. After all relationships can be quite strained if the bills don't get paid. As sad is it is to say, there are no happy endings for people that are flat broke. Life needs funding.

Read between the lines - Offer to contribute for the cost of your date.

The same is true if the relationship is strictly pleasure. If a giver wants to give, and enjoys the relationship, but can't afford an environment in which to meet and interact, then that relationship will probably not continue for long. However, if one or both contribute to the "environment" or "utilities" as you might in a "love" or even "roommate" relationship, then the agreement is something more substantial. Simply put, the difference between legal and illegal is whether the contribution is considered as payment for sex or as a contribution to a relationship that may (or may not) be ongoing.

My day job pays me $100 - 200 / hour 

So if a person is a receiver, and they like the relationship as a receiver, it stands to reason that they should not have to be asked to contribute to the everyday costs of maintaining this kind of relationship. Be generous in your contribution to the rent and utilities and expenses of laundry etc. Then your giver can do what they do without being at risk of venturing into unlawful territory.

If I am not at work, I am losing wages.

How generous should you be? Rent is expensive these days, a typical mortgage is $50 - $100 per day. Figure power, water, internet, laundry supplies etc. A person's expenses could easily be a couple hundred a day. Just keep this in mind. If your contribution is overly frugal, your giver may have to discontinue the relationship with you because they are too busy at a conventional day job. If you find a giver that you really like, it will be in your best interests to tend well to that relationship. Good givers are hard to find. Female providers receive from $100 - 500 / hour and more for equivalent services.

I do not require or ask for payment. Some women need my help and cannot afford to contribute, that is fine.

To be safe, a receiver should not offer an amount, and men giving women massage should not request an amount. If you want a happy ending for women and to engage in sexual activity, do it, enjoy it. Just keep the agreement about any form sexual contact a zero dollar agreement. Then gift your friend a contribution with no strings attached pretty much like you do a lover, or partner.

You can ask me for anything you want. But DON'T ASK anyone with a License for a happy ending massage!

One word of caution, DON'T ask a Licensed Massage Therapist or any other for that matter, if they do "Happy Endings." That could get you arrested. You will need to find alternate methods for finding people who are Okay to talk about it. That is another article. Stay tuned.

Please feel free to ask me anything or discuss anything about what you seek. As long as we are not discussing $, we are free to be completely open and candid about what all of your options are. 

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