Non Licensed, Non therapeutic, Non Healthcare, for private entertainment and pleasure between contenting adults only.

Do we have Sex?

The work I do is very intimate. I touch your genitals with presence and intention to make them feel better than they have ever felt if possible. My goal is to create an experience that some women only dream about. 

This can increase your interest in intercourse exponentially. In fact that is part of the idea of my work: to reactivate and awaken your pelvic nerve. This will naturally cause you to become more interested in all kinds of sexual activities. 

But the first answer to the question; "Do we have sex?" is no. At least not in the 1st session. If I do what every other man does with no self control, I will be like every man to you. I'm very different. My goal is to introduce you to a different kind of behavior to be able to expect from men. Trust. Respect. I want you to experience an erotic adventure that is ALL about you, and nothing about me. 

Does a Sensual massage session include sex?

Male Sex Surrogate 

Because of the erotic touch work I do, I also do male sex surrogate work. There are a number of reasons you may wish to try a surrogate experience. I do NOT judge your reasons. However, if I know where you are, and what you are seeking to improve in your sexuality exploration, I can tailor the experience to maximize the benefits of your objective. So the second answer to the question; "Do we have sex?" Is possibly at some point. But it will be more from a place where your arousal is at a much higher state than you are currently experiencing. You can probably find sex anywhere. Ask any man. But you are not seeking something ordinary, are you? Isn't that what you've been receiving so far?

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Masseur Rocky Peterson