About Us

Come into the natural habitat of you.

Experience Peace, Confidence, Serenity of

Fully rejecting Shame Repression and the “Inappropriate” police of our sexually sterile culture. Here we celebrate the ecstasy of your sensations of pleasure.

Ordinary life presents a multitude of “reasons” to Postpone – Ignore – Repress your natural biological needs for Touch – Pleasure – Orgasm. Not only do you ‘deserve’, you NEED to embrace your primal physiology.  Simply put, Orgasm = Vitality! Not to mention the numerous relationship benefits.

Here you are invited to surrender all responsibility for your pleasure. Give yourself permission to be selfish, to savor every sensation. Let go of the busy-work in your mind and allow your focus to center on each touch, each feeling. Be fully present in physical arousal.

Sensual Massage Boundaries

With your consent, I will provide mystery and surprise to your adventure. My goal is to provide an experience that is imaginative beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Your adventure can be accomplished via follow along video that you and your partner can view in the privacy of your own home or by private consultation in our Seattle (Lake city) studio.

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Masseur Rocky Peterson