Stimulating the Sex Massage Pressure Points for Females

As a woman, you are full of sensory pressure points that you are mostly not aware of in your daily life. The sexual pressure points mostly remain untouched because of the taboo with which they are associated. However, massaging these points help in releasing tension and promote a sense of well-being, giving you control over your sexual potential. The massage of these points will help you to overcome many sexual inhibitions during sexual intimacy.

Nervous system
Touching upon your Sex Massage Points

There are 65 Sex Massage Pressure Points for Females that I work on using light to medium pressure with fingertips. The massage involves a process of pressure and release, stimulating the sex organs and activating the Pelvic Nerve. This massage may cover the pubic mound, groin area surrounding the vulva, the vulva proper, labia, the hood of the clitoris and the clitoris finally moving onto the introitus that is the opening leading to the vaginal canal. Lightly touching the sides, top and the bottom of the vaginal walls, the G-spot and the cervix along with the surrounding points in the area heightens activation of the pelvic nerve.

Some Female Sexual Pressure Points
Release the tension

Since these points are exclusively related to sex, they remain untouched by way of massage. The intention of a healthy Sex Massage in Seattle is not to arouse you to attain a sexual release though it is an option. As a norm, such a massage will stimulate your sex organs in a way much like the release of the pent-up tension in the back and the shoulder regions. The feeling of the muscles being squeezed and released lets out a warm sensation that pervades the rest of the body. A sexual massage likewise helps in stimulating the blood flow to the sex organs bringing them to life immediately.

Man touching my pressure points
Opt for a release or enjoy

A sexual massage helps your clitoris to receive optimum blood supply and become engorged ready to trigger. In this activated stage, the massage proceeds slowly and softly in a way that is different from raw stimulation of the sex organs. This process leads to a form of deprivation that only heightens your sensitivity and accumulated anticipation that is amazing for an orgasm release. At this stage, the choice is yours whether you wish to experience the best orgasm ever or continue to experience only the sensation generic massage of the genitals.

Orgasmic Female

Give your body what it deserves – a pampering of the senses in the most personalized form ever through the Sex Massage in Seattle.

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