Sex Massage Pressure Points For Female

In the Female Sex Pressure Points Massage, I use light to medium pressure with my fingertips on approximately 65 locations including the pubic mound, the groin area next to the vulva, the vulva, the labia, the hood of the clitoris, the clitoris, the introitus  (the opening that leads to the vaginal canal), Several locations of the sides, top and bottom of the vaginal wall, the G-spot, the cervix, and other points in the vicinity of these locations. Of these, the clitoris is the last location worked on.20150322_143835_resized See this page with Adult Images.

Pressure and massage of these locations releases tension, and promotes a sense of well being and power over sexual intimacy inhibitions. Almost the whole time allocated for this massage is work specifically in this area.

This is an opportunity to receive touch in this region that is not intended to sexually stimulate. Submitting to experiencing sex organ massage simply as neutral healthy physical touch at a place that never receives anything but sexual attention (from another) allows for a completely different kind of sensation to be achieved. An analogy might be the sensation of having your shoulders massaged, where you are feeling the sensation of your muscles being squeezed or kneaded. Pressure, release. Pressure, release. After each release, a warm, tingly feeling rushes to your brain.

As the pressure and release subsides in the vaginal area, I work on the clit area last. I use less pressure, but still focus on massage in a more technical non stimulation, non goal oriented fashion. Again this is an entirely new sensation for most women. This attention on the pressure points stimulates blood flow, causing the clitoris to become engorged and activated. In the activated state I proceed very slowly and fairly soft to allow you to feel “massage” as distinguished from “stimulation.” By sticking to massage, I am using a form of deprivation that typically increases your sensitivity. Eventually, when I come into more direct contact with the clit, it has so much anticipation accumulated that the potential for orgasmic release is at an optimum state, possibly more optimum than you have ever experienced. At this time you may choose to continue to experience orgasm or discontinue if you have a reason to not orgasm.

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