Now Available – “Happy Ending Massage” For Women in or Near Seattle WA

Happy Ending Massage for Women


Have you been feeling left out? Knowing guys can go to the local massage parlor for the so called happy ending massage, but there seems to be no equivalent for you? Well here is your opportunity to spoil yourself for an hour or two. Femspahhh, by Rocky Peterson Seattle based masseur provides dozens of themed massage experiences tailored to the interests of women. Here we can discuss Yoni massage, Breast Massage (including nipples) Butt massage, Pressure points massage of the pubic mound, vulva, vagina, clit, cervix and genital area, Sensual massage, Pussy massage or any variation of Happy Ending Massage that interests you. Women getting Happy Ending Massage in Seattle

I have Just one requirement; Please don’t discuss Cost, charge, how much ($) or any reference to money  relative to your chosen massage if it will include any of the above mentioned places on your body. I will give you your massage. Period. If you have something for me AFTER that, or if you want to contribute to the cost of the studio or provide any other reciprocal offering, that is entirely up to you. This is how I can keep both of us from engaging in illegal activities.

With that out of the way, lets look at what your Happy Ending Massage for Women session might entail.

I spend the first 75% of our time (90 minutes is best) working on tapping into your subconscious. Your Pelvic Nerve is your most sacred and protected nerve (kind of like guys testicles). You generally don’t have willpower control over this nerve. It actually has more control of you. But by various forms of contact with your skin, from your scalp to your feet, this nerve relaxes, softens and becomes activated. As this happens, your skin all over your body becomes hyper sensitive. Every little touch becomes delicious. I might be lightly touching the outside of your knee, but you will be amazed to ponder how good it suddenly feels. Many places I touch that are not normally considered erogenous might suddenly transfer sensation straight to your pelvic nerve, resulting in sensations that seem to be in your pussy area.

After indirectly teasing your pelvic nerve for 45-60 minutes, the slightest contact with your breasts, may shoot throbbing sensations to your vagina and clit. Anticipation is a powerful tool in exciting your sex organs. I use it to the full extent of the time you have with me. Then I build more sexual tension form there. Where the happy ending for men last from 1-5 minutes of some awful hammering motions, yours will start very slowly. Moving a finger millimeter by millimeter over the vulva, then maybe some rolling of labia between my fingers. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you but, you will be more excited than you have been in a long time when I have your clit between my fingers and another finger at the opening of your vagina.

Your safety and confidence is crucial to the release and activation of your pelvic nerve. You have questions, I know. I can answer many by email and or text. You are both excited and frightened. I understand. I am available to meet at a coffee shop or any public place so you can alleviate some of your concerns. I can also supply referrals. However since this is so private, most women would rather maintain anonymity, so referrals may not always be available. See testimonials here.


Want to see what a Sensual Massage session might look like?

This video is an example of a session with Rocky. Recorded in June 2018.

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