Of Course You're Nervous!

You want to experience some physical excitement that you are not currently (if ever) receiving, but there is so much uncertainty. Who does this kind of work? Is it Ted Bundy's roommate? Is it a guy? Is he fat and creepy? What is he going to want to do that I don't want him to do? Do I have to reciprocate? Will I have an out if I don't like it? Where is this place and what is it like? And probably about 50 more questions that I didn't articulate here. Right? 

Woman wants Sensual Touch but is Nervous

Difficult Decision?

Know Exactly What Will Happen (and what Will Not) in Advance

 I specialize in strict adherence to your boundaries, being transparent and showing you every step towards obtaining your first or next Intimate Experience. Let's meet for coffee and open the lines of communication. We start in a public place (no charge), we get to know each other a little in a safe public place. Then, if you want, we schedule a time to begin with your wish list. we can start with whatever feels good and right. If everything is going as desired, we move to other items, all at your pace and at your convenience.

Boyfriend Experience


Let's get Thorough about your Safety and Security

The first thing required for an intimate experience journey to begin is relaxation. Your pelvic nerve does not work under stress, fear, anxiety, or dozens of other nerve-wracking emotions. So before it can begin for you, we have to visit your vigilance center checklist. My goal is to do everything possible for you to see the environment, see and meet me, be fully informed about what happens, know that you have 100% of the control over how your session proceeds, and generally tend to your list of questions and uncertainties until you have a very clear and  certain understanding about your safety and security.

Happy woman

Oh, I wish I would have done this Sooner!

The most expedient method for getting you closer to the realization of your experience is to meet me in person. Getting acquainted changes everything. Right now this is all just an exciting mystery. But uncertainty makes it difficult or impossible. Meeting face to face in a public place allows you to engage your intuition and senses. Looking at web pages only gives you information. I think I am just an ordinary  guy with a passion for quality in intimacy. But you need to be the judge of that for YOU. If after coffee, you are not interested, just let me know and you will never hear from me again. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable and want to proceed, we can arrange your appointment any time you like.  Hope to see you soon!

Meet me to shcedule your intimate Experience

As much as I would love to provide you with references and referrals that you could call and ask about me, doing that might put these customers at risk. It could be construed as illegal to refer a person that touches genitals and in any way receives compensation.  I do not want to put any of my lovely customers at risk so I do not ask them to tell you about me. I do have a few testimonial videos you can watch. These women know me and speak their minds. You can check them out here.

Male Provider for Female Client  Appointments